Wwe the Viper Randy Orton Vs The Rattle Snake Steve Austin

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

The viper and the rattle snake comparison This is where I will compare stone cold steve Austin and the legend killer randy Orton they are so different but really the same in certain area

first off both stone cold and randy Orton both are called some sort of snake the rattle snake for Austin and the viper randy Orton both are snakes if no one noticed there finishers are very similar too the stunner Austin grabs the head and sits down the rko Orton does the exact same thing but he lays down with it they are almost identical. Another similarity is they both have the character as a bad ass Austin is more in your face and beats down every inch of you and Orton disects a certain part of your body. Yet another similarity is Austin and Orton have both been slaped by Stephanie McMahon remember when Austin was asking for a kiss and steph slaped him and not to long ago Orton was being serious and mocking Stephanie and he got slaped the night mr. McMahon got punted yet another similarity they both have characters that have problems with the mcmahons Orton punting vince and shane and RKO to steph and every Austin vince and shane skit and match and press conference they have ever had the hospital inncident ect.


I know what ur thinking a lot of people have faced the people Austin has faced and beat the same people Austin has beat but I still feel the need to mention it they have both had problems with triple h they have both beaten shawn micheals they have been involved with batista some way the undertaker shane Jericho kane Hogan I believe flair mkfoley Eddie big show the list goes on and on they have faced a lot of the same people there is a lot that they haven’t face but the people that stand out is that Austin has never faced cena and Orton has never faced rock unless you count the 3 on 2 hadi caped match batista flair and Orton vs. rock and sock connection but I don’t and Orton never faced bret hart but that’s the only 1’s that don’t stand out. CAREER PATHS Austin started in this bunees a long time ago and held the intercontinental title and slowly made his way to the world title picture Orton did similar was mid card in evolution held the intercontinental title and slowly made his way to the world title picture although Austin may have gotten there faster then Orton does not take any thing from Orton he got there and look at him now. He is the wwe next mega star in a lot of peoples opinion.


Austin is by far a brawler and a damn good one at that he is not much for mat skills but I know he has used a submission at least one time but its obvious his real skill is brawling and that’s what he stuck with his entire career and it worked for him now Orton is an all around good wrestler and entertaining at that he has good mat skill and his ground and pound style works for him he is a good striker to he is a safe person to work with in the ring now for the mic skill both the rattle snake and the viper have great mic skill I will focus on the type of mic skill they have they both have a bad ass persona on the mic but in different ways Austin will gat loud in your face and make the crowd laugh at the same time as Orton will make you actually believe he will hurt you he doesn’t play to the crowd as much but his skill on the mic is very noticeable and besides Austin is a face and Orton is a heel and that’s where the real differences are.


 Austin is bigger than randy not taller but more muscles ypu know Orton is very muscular but he isn’t Austin and im not saying Austin is lashley lesner or batista but he is pretty built they both have a bad ass image Austin is more of the redneck and Orton and more of the hey im going to cheat you outta your money and then me and debiase are going to jump yoou more of that uses his brian but in all in all thay both have the bad ass persona If you have any mor similarities that I don’t feel free to comment on my artle thanx for reading