Top Ten Biggest (Problems) Backstage Part One: 10-6

KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Top 10 Biggest Problems Backstage Today

In the world of wrestling, most wrestlers get their respect through two different things.

1)      In-Ring Skill: Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, these are examples of men have gotten where they are either because of their marketability (Hogan, Triple H) or their technicality (HBK, HHH, and Jericho). Their respect usually comes from expanding move-sets, great matches, or the ability to tell a story in the ring. 

2)      Locker Room Attitude: These are the people who either gain respect from fellow wrestlers from either standing up for others in the brand (example: Randy Orton to Triple H) or if you are a veteran face, pushing younger wrestlers to having spots in matches, like Shawn Michaels, or the Undertaker. This commonly gets phrased as “letting” other wrestlers rise, which eventually becomes true.


With that being said, there are people who get their respect from their in-ring skill and develop such an extreme ego, they eventually become problems backstage. They can be a threat to the locker room, and could eventually put their brand in a hole when they quit, get released, or even retire. This list is my opinion, and if anyone disagrees, comment, and I’ll redo the list by editing my article, and I’ll credit you for making the change.

Here goes…

10)  HBK: Back when Shawn Michaels was running the show in the 90’s, he only let the Kliq through, and was pretty much arrogant to everyone else. Just ask Bret Hart. Everything he did was related to the Kliq’s success, and of course, this ended right at his return, when he realized his mistakes (change of faith, I guess) and stopped giving Triple H or himself any help, and started pushing other wrestlers. Look at his title reigns, I mean, he is considered the best Sports-Entertainer in history, and although he’s pretty decorated (Grand Slam champ in only five or six years), he’s only won four World titles. Four.  That’s it.

9)      Ric Flair: It’s common knowledge that Ric Flair is still the biggest Legend the industry’s ever seen which is why I’m not ranking him higher. He respects the business, and (only now) respects most other wrestlers. He has done some pretty bad things in his career, but with his length of his career, although he can be a problem, his ego is somewhat justified, just not all that much.

8)      Scott Steiner: Dammit, Scottie, your punk gimmick in the ring is exactly who you are backstage. Your punk-ass would have been ranked much higher if there weren’t better names to pick from. But, you still are a skilled wrestler, a great (maybe just utterly hilarious) asset on the mic. Most importantly, Big Poppa Pump, when you run your mouth, you actually (sometimes) say some things about the backstage drama right. Thank you for that interview a couple weeks ago on Triple H and HBK, because buddy, after listening to that, I have become more of a Freak than I was earlier.  Even with that and the fact that you haven’t gone ape-shit on anyone for eight years, you still have problems, which is why you’re on this list.

7)      Kevin Nash: The overrated Kevin Nash still is the biggest (literally) pain in the ass I have ever heard of. He still treats the Locker Room like the Kliq is still on (Scott Hall, anyone?), and doesn’t really understand no when booking power is involved. It also still reins true that whenever Nash steps in a Promotion, he’ll own that promotion, and wrongfully so. I hope that guy gets beat by Mike Knox’s beard, I really do.

6)      Triple H: It’s all about the Game for Triple H, and as long as he rules WWE, he still will keep his sometimes problematic personality backstage. He is truly one of the best of all time; extremely talented on the mic, and equally talented in the ring, no doubt, but the sad part is that he’s let it get a little to his head.   No matter what he tends to do, dear Paul Levesque is always surrounded with controversy backstage. A few examples? He was part of the Kliq, he then slept Chyna through WWF booking, and then he switched and slept with Steph to become truly a Connecticut Blueblood, and as a “side reward”, get World title reigns at his fingertips whenever he wants. After that, he gave Randy Orton (deserved it) and Batista (not so much) a push of a lifetime in arguably the best stable in history, Evolution. Now, Triple H demands ultimate respect backstage and give a tantrum every time someone does something he doesn’t like, and is at ends with guys like Jericho for not pushing them during matches which he wins. Although he’s a tie with HBK for best on this list, and many still have respect for him anywhere (he is a living Legend, guys), he’s not been the best backstage, which is why he’s on here. Now don’t get me wrong, Triple H has cleaned up his act a lot over the last couple years, but still has that nostalgic rants every once in a while, which makes me rank him here.

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