Women's Gymnastics Olympic Qualifications 2012: Wieber Out, but Rule Is Unfair

Scott CarasikContributor IIJuly 29, 2012

Jordyn Wieber on the beam.
Jordyn Wieber on the beam.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Spoiler alert here, Jordyn Wieber didn't win a spot to compete in the finals of the women's all-around. However, there is no reason as to why she shouldn't have after she finished in third place.

The Olympics have an antiquated rule that doesn't allow more than two gymnasts from a single country to participate in the finals. But that's not fair to the women who work hard to be in that top competitive group. 

Jordyn Wieber finished third in the women's all-around qualifiers. Normally, that's not an issue for her to move on to compete. However, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman earned the No. 1 and No. 2 spots. So Wieber was left out of the finals due to the "top two" rule.

This is something that needs to end. Why would the International Olympic Committee agree to a rule that penalizes these hard working women who are just trying to compete for their country?

It makes sense to have representation of the top gymnasts in the world. However, in talking about the top three gymnasts to qualify, those three should unquestionably be allowed to compete for gold regardless of country affiliation.

The Olympics are about going out there, competing for your country and winning whatever you can for your country. When one of the best all-around competitors in a sport is getting kicked to the curb for being third place, the system is completely broken. The best should take on the best. Period.

Penalizing Jordyn Wieber because she is part of arguably the best gymnastics team the United States has ever put out is a complete joke. Let's hope they get rid of the rule for the next Olympics and allow the best in the world compete. Not the best in the world, while only allowing two from each country compete.


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