Danica Patrick: If She Can Run Top 10 in F1, She'll Be a Superstar

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2009

Yep: I'm guilty as charged. I'm a bigtime Danica Patrick fan, running top 10 in INDY, in my humble opinion, makes her a very good driver.

I find it hard to believe she is not a bigger star, but I'm sure there are many fans and sponsors who still don't take her seriously.

If she moves to Formula One and is able to run top 10, she will become a huge star; furthermore, if she can win a race, she will hit world superstardom. Agree?

It will certainly be hard to win with a $90 million budget, but if all the stars align she may have a chance to win one in a few years.

I understand they want to market this team as all-American, but let's be honest: Can you give me the name of a younger veteran F1 "American driver" (not named Scott Speed)?

This is why in the first few years there will probably be a veteran European or Brazilian along with an American driving these cars.

There could not be a better choice from a marketing point of view than to start a team with Danica Patrick; you would get world press the first day. Agree?

With the huge budget that it takes to be a top F1 team, one needs every marketing advantage you can find, and what could be better then a hot chick in a fast car?

According to published reports, here are the goals that F1 has for reducing their budgets in the next few years. Don't laugh! Reducing them to $60 million a year, off the floor yet! Now, here the list from last year's budgets:

Toyota: $445.6m
McLaren: $433.3m
Ferrari: $414.9m
Honda: $398.1m
Renault: $393.8m
BMW Sauber: $366.8m
Red Bull Racing: $164.7m
Williams: $160.6m
Toro Rosso: $128.2m
Force India: $121.85m
Super Aguri: $45.6m

Now who are they kidding?

I'm writing in to that team and putting my vote for Diva.