New York Islanders: A Glimmer of Hope Remains in Uniondale

Mike BlazowskiAnalyst IJuly 29, 2012

PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 23: Charles Wang and Garth Snow of the New York Islanders watch the draft board during day two of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft at Consol Energy Center on June 23, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Despite all of the talk of moves, Quebec nonsense, failure of the off season, and Visnovsky trying to eek his way out of being traded, regardless if his motive is economical, moral or just simply a way out, a single glimmer of hope has ignited in Islanders Country. 

Something that was needed now more than ever, with a team seemingly at a new low though albeit better on paper, the general feeling is dismal here on the Island. There was little talk of the recent RFQ, and Newsday had run an article about many of the previous developers shying away from the site.

It was reported today by Randi Marshall on Twitter, an investigative journalist for Newsday, that Donald Monti will submit an RFQ to the County of Nassau on Monday.

This is the same RFQ that was shot down and condemned by a few popular Islander journalists as being nothing more than a ploy to save face for political reasons, and a mere hoax to make some kind of appeasement to the unrest of the situation. 

According to Marshall, Mr. Monti went on to state that he will attempt to find "creative solutions and financing." Also, he stated that he will "tweak" the zoning but nothing major.

This is the same zoning that everyone shouted and touted was impossible to sustain from an economic and profit standpoint.

Perhaps the single most important thing we've heard in a long time from a developer came next (from Marshall's Twitter):

"If I'm going to be involved, it will be with the Islanders staying."

What we now have, is a developer willing to work, most importantly, with the Islanders as the mainstay objective, while simultaneously willing to work with the Town of Hempstead and their zoning. 

It is important to note that Mr.Monti has worked previously with Scott Rechler on another project, this is the same Rechler who was the primary investing partner of Mr. Wang's lighthouse project before that was killed by political nonsense.

What we have ladies and gentleman, is the first real glimmer of hope in Islanders country for any kind of future venue stability. 

If Nassau can keep their political greasy paws and aspirations out of it, this can be done.

Forget Quebec, forget Brooklyn, forget all the naysayers saying the RFQ is a waste and a political ploy.  This is what we've been waiting for, and if Mr.Monti is the winner of the RFQ, we will finally have our investor who actually puts the Islanders first.

Time will tell on this one, but it's the hope we all needed. 


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