49ers Have to Look into Their QB Issue

Ben IversonContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

Decisions need to be made in San Francisco concerning their QB position. Some off season moves are going to need to be made.  Most likely, we will see a move made soon in the free agent pool.

  I doubt we see the 49ers make a offer back to Jamie Martin or J.T. O'Sullivan.  That leaves us with Shaun Hill And Alex Smith.  This means we have to aquire atleast one quarterback this offseason.

Even after this move is made, there will be a tough fight for the starting position, considering we dont have a deffanate starter between Hill and Smith.

This year the free agent market has a good varity QB's. There are a few of these out there who are in a good position to be brought into San Francisco as a starter. 

My favorite is Jeff Garcia. Does the name conjure any good memories?  He was our quarterback last time we made a playoff run.  Tampa Bay has a QB problem, but there has been rumors of letting Garcia slip into the free agent pool.  This gives the 49ers a good chance of trying to sign him.

Another person out there is Kerry Collins.  He just got done having a great season in Tennessee.  I see Tennessee not resigning him though.  Even though Vince Young has had some problems in his career I would think the Titans are going to go with him next year. 

Kurt Warner is also a free agent, but I think Arizona will make a move to re-sign him.  This being sain i doubt the 49ers hill even have a shot with him. 

One thing about all these guys is they are at the end of their career, and I don't think they will stay in the league for more than one or two more years. Also, I suspect they might have hefty price tags. 

A couple of more likely candidates for the starting QB battle would be Rex Grossman, J.P. Losman, Byron Leftwich, and Kyle Boller. Im pretty sure some other teams might have their eyes on these guys too.

I personally believe we should look for a backup or someone who will have a chance to prove himself down the line for the starting position.  There are a few players that would make a decent backup and might be able to make a move in a couple of seasons. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a possibility at back up.  Also Joey Harrington and Patrick Ramsey might make nice fits.