Window Opening In New York: Bright Spots on the Knicks' Season

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMarch 12, 2008

The New York Knicks have been the NBA's distraction and problem child all year long, so much so that I'm pretty sure David Stern wouldn't mind the organization sleeping with the fishes—or the rats in their case.

The Rotten Apple ballers have produced a 18-46 record this season, good for second worst in the league behind the Miami Heat. Most teams go through a period of ups and downs but this team has just had downs. They won't even make it to the playoffs and they play in the Eastern Conference! I believe that this is a statement of its own.

From last years all-out brawl, where 'Fight Night-like' haymakers were unleashed, to this year's public and heated fiasco featuring Starbury and Zeke, to the sexual harassment scandal involving Zeke again, I have taken time out to highlight a few of their good spots and events this season.

Nate Robinson

The 5'8" guard has been the team's sparkplug this year, improving his career PPG average in all of three of his seasons. In his last four games, Nate has scored a combined total of 71 points, including a 45-point eruption in a loss against Portland at Madison Square Garden. Nate is also putting up career years in minutes per game, free throw shooting, assists, and rebounding. His turnover margin is also at its lowest its ever been in his short career.

Renaldo Balkman

Maybe the only player in the NBA right now to don dreadlocks. He's also of the best energy players out there providing hustle and showing his lion sized heart every night. Renaldo leaves all out on the floor, and is not afraid to challenge anyone who stands in his way. Just ask Lebron. Balkman may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but his tenacity makes up for more than that. He has a better field-goal and three-point percentage than Andy Varejao in Cleveland.

Stephon Marbury

Well besides the fact he may have a bigger head than Sam Cassell, he has been this team's poison during the season. His negative attitude, bad work ethic, is a cancer that has spread throughout the Knicks locker room. But I said positive things, so the good thing about Marbury is he's almost gone. Only one more year after this year and his public distaste for coach Isiah Thomas may have him shipped during the offseason. He already has major plans in Italy to market his $15 sneakers so let the disgruntled roam wild.

Jamal Crawford

Crawford is definitely one of the most explosive players at the two-guard today. His streetball-style ballhandling and NBA mindset makes him an instant threat on the court from where ever he's stationed at. The behind the back move he put on Kirk Hinrich was just too painful to watch and made me want to sit an ice bucket. If Jamal's not breaking ankles or throwing the ball off the backboard to himself, he can be found hitting three pointers from all over the floor. Jamal Crawford is also New York's leading scorer at 20.6 PPG, and ranks second in minutes per game and minutes played in the entire league.

An 18-45 Record

Hooray! The New York Knicks have the second worst record in professional basketball. Hats off to them, and because of their terrible gameplay they just earned themselves a lottery pick. Physical proof that there is a consolation prize for losing. With the pick, the Knickerbockers will probably be looking in the area of a big man. A man by the name of Michael Beasley would perhaps do wonders in the NYC.