Word Life Vol 19: Hold On and Let The Story Be Told, We'll See The Fireworks

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 21, 2009

For quite some time I've been meaning to get around to the Hardy feud. I wanted to write an article right after the events that took place at The Royal Rumble. Everyone was quite shocked and upset that Christian didn't show up at the Rumble to cost Jeff Hardy to WWE title to Edge.

Matt Hardy showed up instead. That is old news though and it's quite obvious why Matt was used instead of Christian. If you don't know by now, then I suggest that you find other means of obtaining that information.

Matt Hardy bashed his brother Jeff Hardy, over the head with a steel chair. We would await the next move in this seemingly inevitable feud. Jeff Hardy would take a leave of absence for a week or two, and we were stuck with Matt Hardy battling Gregory Helms, Hurricane Helms, or whatever you wish to address him by.

We were bored, I was bored. I knew better though. In a week or two, Matt Hardy would rid himself and us, of  Gregory Helms who took it upon himself to stand up for Jeff Hardy. Many believe that the seed was planted at the Royal Rumble when Matt betrayed Jeff, but the seed was being fertilized.

I though otherwise and believed that had been planted already. WWE may have intended to go with the Christian angle, but I believe they had a plan B. Back when Jeff Hardy was the WWE champion, he ran into bad luck....and lots of it.

He was a victim of an attack that resulted in him missing his WWE championship match at Survivor Series. Then he was the victim of a "road rage" incident, if that is what you want to call it. He was driven off the road, but was still alright. Lastly, he was involved in a pyro accident when he entered one night on Smackdown during his entrance.

Who would all the blame fall on? Edge of course. The R-rated superstar was the man who everyone blamed. Edge stated that his hands were clean and that he had no part and the recent accidents that happened to Jeff Hardy. Even when Edge is sincere, It's hard to believe him. The man is a HUGE liar. He'll do anything to anyone just to get his way.

Edge did a Cutting Edge show on an episode of Smackdown to address the rumors. Before Edge could finish pleading his case, Matt Hardy came out and bashed Edge some more. Edge wouldn't let Hardy verbally assault him and get away with it..nope, Edge would tell him off.


This is when the seed was planted.

Matt of course gave Edge a jab for his troubles, but Hardy had to be pondering on what Edge told him after all, he wouldn't be so mad if it didn't get to him. So now, Jeff is reluctant to feud with is brother. Matt gives him a twist of fate for his troubles and demands a one-on-one match with him. We get some little sparks, but we'll have to hold on for the rest.

We are cranky, grumpy, and impatient. People do you want a feud or a story? This isn't Triple H and Randy Orton or Edge and John Cena, this is the Hardy Boyz. They are family. Imagine if you brother attacked you. Are you going to start brawling like a fool without getting some questions answered or questioning yourself?

Granted Matt Hardy did explain himself. Jeff has emotion. This isn't Edge, this is his brother. Every story needs to have emotion inserted everywhere. Emotions add another dimension to the plot and gives more fuel to the feud rather than "I WANT THAT TITLE!" Do you want a story or Rey Mysterio vs Mike Knox 2.0?

"Why did Knox attack Rey?!"

"Why didn't Rey ask why he was attacked?!" I certainly don't know...do you?

Some see it as "dragging" a story. Stories are dragged for the greater good. In time we have a feud, that goes to a story, that has a back story, and of it's good enough...then it's history. It is about longevity here.

Triple H and Randy Orton's past feuds are a great example of this, as the two are about to embark on a new chapter of their novel of feuds. You need a cause for an effect. We get build up now, so in the long run, the feud will be logical. Is it wrong to have stories that are logical and have a tad bit realism? 

The Hardys are a box of TNT. WWE has lit the fuse. It's moving slowly. We want the KA-BOOM! already. The explosion may be the most exciting part, but is the best or most vital? Sometimes how we get to the "KA-BOOM" is just as important as the ka-boom itself if you catch my drift.