Montreal Canadiens Need To Make a Move

Matt EichelSenior Writer IFebruary 21, 2009

Am I the only person who realizes that the Montreal Canadiens need to make a move?

Despite bringing in veteran defenseman Mathieu Schneider to help the defensive core as well as work on the power play, the Canadiens are still lacking.

And lacking a lot.

Bob Gainey is still looking for that power forward that can make a difference down the middle. Robert Lang had been that difference, but now he's gone.

Bringing Gainey and the Canadiens back to square one.

Questions gather around the coming storm in Montreal.

Is Guy Carbonneau on the way out? Possibly not, with the way Gainey has been managing.

What about the criminal ties to the Kostitsyn brothers? A distraction, involving the one consistent goal scorer in a Habs jersey.

Is this all Carey Price's fault? Not at all! He's a franchise goalie, but he, like all other goalies, cannot be called upon to stop everything and anything thrown his way.

Who else is on the way out? Chris Higgins? Tomas Plekanec?

As Guy Lafleur continues to assail Gainey and his decisions as GM, can he make the right moves to save a centennial season that was supposed to put the Canadiens above sixth place in the East.

Is Vincent Lecavlier coming or not? Maybe, the rumours have re-surfaced.  

But when is giving up too much just too much?

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