Be Different: USFL and UFL Should Look to XFL for Guidence

Derrick DennisContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

I recently wrote an article on both the USFL (United States Football League) and UFL (United Football League). This is a follow up to that article, in the previous article it was more about what these two leagues are doing, this time around I thought I'd give more insight on what I think they should do.
The USFL has already won me over by playing its season during the summer and by putting its own spin on the game of football while the UFL is choosing to essentially be a clone of the NFL and put teams in the cities the NFL doesn't have teams.
Before I even get started just on the basis that they have already made rule changes, my suggestions are more suited for the USFL than for the UFL.
Now, if I were running a new football league then I would get Vince McMahon on board as a team owner so that he would freely allow the league to use the innovations the XFL brought to the game.
Love him or hate him, Vince brought some great ideas to football when he made the XFL. To have the players earnings based on the amount of games they win is absolute genius, the first thing that eliminates is having to worry about player or coaches cheating because of gambling, you win, you already make more.
Then you want to talk about parody, who is more likely to bring their A game, a player with guaranteed money or a player with some guaranteed money and a bonus for winning games?
Then there was there is the coin toss or as it was in the XFL, the lack of a coin toss. Put the ball at the 50 and let two players battle it out to see who gets control of it, forget luck I'd rather see them earn the ball.
Of course how could I talk about the XFL without remembering this man, Rod "He Hate Me" Smart. Just because football is a team game doesn't mean every player has to be stripped of their individuality.
When the refs call a penalty, all they announce is the players number, the announcers have cards with the players names and numbers on them so and they screw it up half the time anyway. So I say let the players put whatever they want on the backs of their jerseys.
Next up on the list, put cameras in the locker room, are you kidding me? As much as people like reality television these days, cameras in the locker rooms are a must.
I believe the XFL did a certain amount of the halftime to where they had the cameras on and I don't think that's unreasonable, you have a certain amount of time with the cameras on to give the fans a glimpse then the rest of the time the teams have to make adjustments for the rest of the game.
Next just to truly distance yourself from the No Fun League I think we need an award at the end of the season, how about a certain amount of money and a trophy for the years best celebration?
If a man breaks a bunch of tackles and runs 70 yards for a game changing touchdown, let the man dance. Don't fine him $10,000 for making a snow angel, and unless he's going out of his mind with it, there is no need for a penalty for excessive celebrations.
Now using some of these things aren't going to be for everybody but we can't even all agree on the rules the NFL makes, we can't all agree that the NCAA needs to get rid of the BS Bowl Championship and get a playoff. In my opinion, these things will make football exciting and more fun