Why the New York Yankees Will Win the World Series

michael maddalenoContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

The New York Yankees have had eight lackluster seasons in a row. This said you can bet the Steinbrenner's were thrilled with the acquisitions made this offseason.

The Yankees haven't had that special something that we all witnessed during their dynasty years of the late '90's and even early on into the new millennium. They didn't have the role players, the pitching, or the close knit team that New York fans were accustomed to in the years I mentioned earlier.

This led to early playoff exits against the tigers, angels, and Indians in '05, '06, and '07.

This year is different, this year the New York Yankees will absolutely tear through the American League as well as Major League Baseball. They have 1-5 the best pitching staff in baseball.

Sabathia should win 20 easily on a team that has the kind of hitting the Yanks do, Wang staying healthy and doing what Wang does...inducing groundball outs...should win at least 18 games this year.

Then we have Burnett, a flamethrower that has a taste for the strikeout. A.J. burnett will have a Cy young season this year he comes to a team as I stated earlier that will enable him to win a prodigious amount of games that he would have had no chance of winning as a Blue Jay.

Pettitte...What can you say about Pettitte the guy is an absolute warrior. Chamberlain I'm not so convinced  about starting because the Yankees have guys like Hughes or Kennedy and i would like to see Chamberlain in a set up role but what can you say about a guy who  throws 100 mph and has a nasty slider.

The Yankees' lineup is fierce with the addition of Teixeira and a guy who i think will fit in very nicely at right field Xavier Nady.

The American League East remains the best division in baseball but I do not think the Sox or the Rays have the firepower to sustain the Yankees onslaught that will be the 2009 season.

The Rays overachieved in '08 and a great deal of players had what I feel to be career years. It wont happen again. The Sox will be good as always but the loss of Manny is huge. Ortiz is left without the best hitter in baseball to blanket him and his numbers will be greatly affected this year

That being said I feel the only team in the National League that the Yankees need worry about is the New York Mets. Yes, the Phillies are champs and yes the Cubs are due, but the Mets have what I feel to be the second best team in baseball.

All in all this year should be one to remember isn't every year? The upsets, the heartache, the ups, and downs but one team will emerge victorious and that will be the team that plays in the Bronx!