Who Will Chris Jericho Face at WrestleMania?

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Who Chris Jericho will face has been in the back of everyone's mind due to the popularity of No Way Out.

Triple H, Orton, Edge, Cena, Michaels, and Undertaker are all to be featured in big matches on wrestling's biggest stage, WrestleMania. But I believe Jericho's will be the match that has that "chaos factor"—you know, the year's craziest match at 'Mania, like "The Battle of the Billionare," Mayweather, etc.

Now, here are the possibilities:

Ric Flair vs. Jericho

This match will not happen. It would practically undo Flair's farewell address from last year and would just plain stink. Flair can pull a good match every now and then, but he's old and has already said he isn't getting back into the ring. He's destined for someone's corner.

Mickey Rourke vs. Jericho

This match might happen. I hear that Rourke will announce something after the Oscars, though nothing is for sure. I haven't seen his movie, The Wrestler, but I'd definitely like to.

Anyways, this match would just be a big "interference fest" in which Jericho would get screwed out of the win. But there is a slight chance that this match will occur with if Flair is in Rourke's corner.

Austin vs. Jericho

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors. There's a lot of the hype surrounding Austin, because people say he "has to have" a match this year.

Austin's health is a huge factor, but there is always a chance with WWE. You never know.

Hogan vs. Jericho

OK, this one is possible. Hogan has talked about doing a match, and he wants to be part of 'Mania.

But if he is, I don't see him facing Chris. Jericho would make Hogan look like a turtle. If Hogan does have a match, it will be against Cena, Austin, or Show. Still, don't count this match out; anything can happen.

Rey Misterio vs. Jericho

This match sells itself: Jericho would go down a list of legends, insulting them. And when he got to Eddie, Misterio would come out, a legend would pop up, etc.

Whatever the matchup ends up being, and what ever goes down, we will undoubtedly have a great match, whether Chris is pitted against a legend or Misterio.

Jericho is RAW's second-best heel, and he does a great job in his new role. He will be able to pull a match out against anyone (and I mean anyone).

Thanks for reading, and post what you think!