Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of Jail in 7 Days: How Much Will He Weigh on Release?

Vitali SCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2012

LAS VEGAS - JUNE 1:  In this handout image provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Floyd Mayweather is seen in a police booking photo into the Clark County Detention on June 1, 2012. in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images)
Handout/Getty Images

With only seven days left to go before Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is released from the Clark County Detention Center after serving his 90-day sentence, speculations and predictions on how he will look and what his next step will be ought to start accumulating in numbers on boxing websites and forums. 

Both of those topics are of great interest, but neither is easy to predict. There are a few fight options that Floyd could consider, including a more likely one, a rematch with Miguel Cotto at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

A fight against Manny Pacquiao will definitely be the headline of any discussion, but it would be naïve to expect them to face each other this year, or even in early 2013. If they are able to get their mega-fight signed, and with 50 Cent trying to be a boxing promoter, it might actually go in the right direction. It is more likely to take place sometime in May of 2013.

But before getting to that, I am very curious to see Mayweather’s physical state when he emerges from his holding cell in a week’s time. There are numerous aspects to worry about, such as his weight, and his definite, may it be minimal, muscle degeneration. It is absolutely unfeasible for a jail to be able to complement an athlete’s required training routine; thus, some decline is expected.

At what weight will Mayweather Jr. come out? This answer is actually trickier than most think because he could come out light or over his natural walking around weight. If there was muscle mass loss and Floyd was able to avoid eating too much junk food, we may see him somewhere around 135-139 pounds. On the other hand, there was plenty of junk food to eat, and knowing that Floyd loves his cookies and candies, his caloric intake may not have been proportional to his workout calorie burn, thus promoting slight but steady weight gain, making him surface in a week at about 155-160 pounds.

Of course most of that doesn’t matter much, as he is a professional athlete, and I doubt it would take him long to get back to his optimal shape. 

What do you guys think? How do you expect Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to look and feel when he is out?