The First Annual Academy Awards of Sports Nominees

Jennifer TaglioneCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Award season is in full effect and coming this Sunday is the biggest show of them all: The Academy Awards. I am not a big fan of award shows. Full of long winded speeches and lame tele-prompted jokes that try too hard to be funny but fall so flat when being read by a celebrity that clearly doesn’t get the funny…..

When it comes to the Academy, I especially tune out. I love the red carpet part but usually I have only heard of one or two of the movies that are selected. And chances are, I didn’t shell out the $10 to see those I heard of (unless He’s just not that into you or Confessions of a Shopaholic happen to get nominated next year, in which case, I will amend that sentence).

So instead of hyping up the movie awards that I know nothing about, I thought I would make up my own Academy Awards of Sports Stuff (that I also don’t know anything about but that’s besides the point!)

Awards will be given out for: Best Costume Design, Best Music (Soundtrack or Score/ National Anthem/ Original Song), Animated Film, Visual or Special Effects, Cinematography, Makeup, Film Editing, Documentary Feature & Short, Foreign Language Film, Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay / Original Screenplay), Best Actor (Lead/Supporting) Best Actress (Lead/Supporting) Best Movie Mini-Series, and of course Best Picture.

I’ll be announcing the winners at 12:01 a.m., Monday, February 23. To vote for your fave, head to Stiletto Sports where the ballots are up and running.


*side note: I've added links so you can view the videos, pictures or hear the music that goes along with the nominees. Almost all link to the coordinating article on my own site. The Music is my personal player on MySpace.

To be Qualified for a Nomination: The event, photo, moment, commercial, highlight, clip etc. must have occurred sometime between January 1, 2008 and February 17, 2009 (because that’s when I thought of the idea) unless I feel otherwise, i.e.–not all songs/soundtracks were produced in 2008 but it did not matter, I picked them anyway.

Nominees for Best Visual Effects and Best National Anthem by a former American Idol Contestant are available only on Stiletto Sports.

Best Costume Design

  • North Carolina State's Women's Basketball Team: Think Pink, Tribute to Kay Yow
  • NBA Dunk Contest: Superman and KryptoNate
  • The U.S. Olympians: Ralph Lauren Preppy Chic
  • The Chinese Olympians: McDonald's Chic

See these Costumes

Best Music -- Soundtrack or Score

Hear these Songs! Brought to you by Stiletto Sports MySpace Music Player Enhanced Reading Experience

  • NASCAR: "Pedal to the Medal" Kazzer
  • NBA: "Swagger Like Us" T Pain, Jay-z, Kayne West, etc
  • MLB: "Wake me up When September Ends" Green Day
  • WWE: "There and Back Again" Daughtry
  • NFL: "Indestructible" Disturbed
  • The NY Yankees: "Hate it or Love it" The Game

Best Music -- "Original" Song

Here these songs! Brought to you by Stiletto Sports MySpace Music Player Enhanced Reading Experience (”They’re the Phillies” is on YouTube)

  • "Steeler Ladies Put a Ring On it"
  • "It's Puhlahmalu"
  • "The Celtics Are Back"
  • "Check Yes Tampa Bay"
  • "They're the Phillies"

Best Animated Film or Sequence

TelePrompted Speech:  I’m sure when most people here the word “Animated” they automatically think of cartoons. But actually, animated is an adjective meaning “to be filled with activity, vigor, or spirit. Lively.” The verb, “to animate” is to put something—or someone—into motion.

Watch the Videos for an enhanced experience!

  • The Jabba Wockee: Shaquille O'Neal and the Jabba Wockeez, 2009 NBA All Star Game
  • The SoBe Lizard Lake: NFL Players Matt Light, Justin Tuck, Ray Lewis and the SoBe lizards
  • The Rumba-Waltz-Foxtrot: Kristy Yamaguchi, DWTS Season 6
  • The Hustle: Warren Sapp, DWTS Season 7
  • The Proud Mary Rollin': Warren Sapp, DWTS Season 7 Finale
  • The NFL Paso Doble: Jason Taylor, DWTS Season 6
  • The Welcome to Miami Jiggy: Jason Taylor, DWTS Season 6 Final

Still to come on the Stiletto Sports First Annual Academy Awards, the nominees for Best Achievement in Make-up, Best Made for TV Movie Mini-Series, Best Short Film Series and of course, Best Picture.

Best Achievement or attempt at a Make-up or a Really Bad Break-Up

Tele-prompted speech: Let’s face it, since Dennis Rodman retired there has been a severe shortage of Fabulous! make-up in the land of sports. But there has been a whole lot of make-up attempts…..and break-ups! Here are the nominees.

Watch the videos to see and hear the make-up attempts.


  • For Shaq/Kobe: Shaquille O’Neal & Kobe Bryant
  • For Hellboy II: The Fall of Golden Boy: Michael Phelps
  • For The Curious Loosey Goosey Case of Alex Rodriguez: Alex Rodriguez and the Blue Sweater of Sincerity
  • For How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and Then Get New Friends: Brett Favre
  • For I Think I Love My Wife...Oh Wait, No I Don't Alex Rodriguez

Best Made for TV Movie Mini-Series

Tele-Prompted Speech: Who doesn’t love rainy days and a great Lifetime or made-for- TV movie mini-series? Those inspiring true life tales filled with drama, rivalry, passion, intrigue, scandal, addiction, sex and drugs. The stories of individuals stopping at nothing to overcome all adversity to become winners. Well okay, a lot of times they lose it all and die but anyway, here are the nominees

Watch the videos! for enhanced experience

  • The NBA Finals-- Rivalry Renewed: Facing the Enemy
  • MLB World Series --How I Beat Up Cinderella: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.
  • The PGA -- The Masters: The Secret Society, Traditions unlike any other
  • NCAA -- 30 Days of Madness: The Road to Recovery
  • Michael Phelps -- The Secret Confessions of a Golden Boy

Best Short Film or Short Series

Tele-Prompted Speech: Every summer, movie goers wait eagerly for the launch of the Summer Blockbuster Series. But it’s every February when the true fans huddle together in eager anticipation as they wait for the biggest Short Movie Blockbusters Premiere in the world: The Super Bowl. Those multi-million dollar blockbusters always delight, but there are plenty of other independent and lower budget Short Films this year in the running to be the best.

Watch the short films to help pick your favorite

  • Super Bowl XLIII Ads: 21
  • T-Mobile Fave Five: You Don’t Mess With the Charles
  • MLB Postseason: The Hunt for the One & Only October
  • The NBA Playoffs for– Made of Honor: Pride & Glory
  • ESPN “This is SportsCenter” for: What Happens in SportsCenter…
  • Verizon Hockey Fans: There's Nothing Like the Hockey Fans

Still to come, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Documentaries and Best Picture!


Best Foreign Language Film


Tele-Prompted Speech: Oh. Well. This is embarrassing. The teleprompter is telling me that due to the overwhelming cast, direction, cinematography, scope, significance, historical impact and overall impressiveness of one of the nominees….
all other nominees have respectfully declined their nominations for Best Foreign Language Film. They would however….like to have their names mentioned…..and their highlight videos shown… they are still “recognized as great Foreign Films that would have won had it been 2009 or 2007.”

So. Ok. I guess, instead of nominees, I give you the Winner of Best Foreign Language Film:

The Olympics: Beijing 2008!

Other Nominees were:

  • Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal: Wimbeldon
  • Rugby League World Cup: Australia
  • UEFA Euro 2008: Footloose

Watch the videos!

Best Documentary Long

Tele-Prompted Speech: Immediately after I hear the word “documentary” my brain adds the words “history lesson movie.” That doesn’t mean I don’t like them because I do think they are fab. The stories are usually remarkable true-life tales worthy of a Lifetime movie award! Hoop Dreams was a fantastic sports docu-drama. And everyone tells me that really long Baseball documentary mini-series was really long great. And you learn a lot! That doesn’t mean I don’t kinda cringe a little when I hear the word “documentary.”
The last year was filled with sports moments that just beg movie producers to make documentary features about them*. Here are your nominees

  • Yankee Stadium: The End of an Era
  • Kay Yow: A Profile in Courage
  • Rivalry Renewed: The 48 Year War of the Lakers and the Celtics
  • I Am Cinderella: The Story of the Tampa Bay Rays, the Arizona Cardinals and the effect of a Disney Princess on the World of Sports

Best Documentary Shorts

Watch the Video Shorts to see the best highlights of 2008!

  • NFL: Storming the Gridiron
  • MLB: Angels in the Outfield, Infield and at Home Plate
  • NBA: Playing Above the Rim, the Air Up There
  • WSOBP: The Table of Champions

Stay Tuned. There's much more to come on the Stiletto Sports First Annual Academy Awards. After the break, we will return with the nominees for Best Actor, Actress, and Best Direction!

(Can't wait? You can preview those nominees first on Stiletto Sports on Saturday)


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