2012 Olympic Football: Watch Swiss Olympian's Shocking Miss Against Gabon

Frank Wagner@Fw1812Correspondent IJuly 26, 2012

To say Admir Mehmedi provided both good and bad moments in his nation's opening match at the 2012 Olympics would be quite the understatement.

After a Gabon foul in the box, the Swiss striker sent his side into a flying start by converting from the spot in the fifth minute.

However, in the twentieth minute of the first day of men's Olympic football, Mehmedi provided us with what is sure to be the miss of the tournament.

After a beautiful linking play with striking partner Innocent Emeghara, Mehmedi released midfielder Steven Zuber into space.

Zuber pulled the keeper slightly out of position before sending an inch-perfect return pass to Mehmedi at the far post.

With the ball sitting up for him about three yards out and no keeper between him and the goal, the striker did the unthinkable.

His eyes clearly glued on the Gabon keeper, Admir swiped at the ball in an attempt to pass it into the net, but scuffed it so badly that the ball barely moved anywhere.

To make matters worse, slow motion replays make it seem like an eternity before Mehmedi realized his mistake, giving the keeper the amount of time necessary to recover and dive on the ball.

Switzerland went on to concede the equalizer and suffer a draw to Gabon, putting every team in Group B on a point.

Hence, Mehmedi's miss proved quite important over the course of the match.

Taking one's eye off the ball is mostly inexcusable, but especially so for a player who has been capped 11 times with his national side and has a goal against Germany on his record.

It's a miss that would make Fernando Torres and this guy cringe from the bad memories.




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