WWE News: The Miz Surpasses Undertaker and John Cena with Latest Milestone

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 26, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Now, you may be saying to yourself, how is this possible?

Especially considering, both Cena and the Undertaker are arguably the most celebrated stars in WWE history.

Well, it turns out they may be celebrated, but The Miz is "Awesome!", as he has just become the 25th Triple Crown Champion in WWE history.

Which is a feat that neither Cena nor "The Dead Man" have been able to accomplish.

According to Wrestling101.com:

The Miz made history by becoming the 25th WWE Triple Crown Champion in history, having won the WWE Title, Intercontinental Title, and World Tag Team Title. For a Superstar to become a Triple Crown Champion, they must win either the WWE or World Heavyweight Title, the Intercontinental Title, and either the World Tag Team or WWE Tag Team Title (the United States Title does not count towards becoming a Triple Crown Champion).

If John Cena and/or The Undertaker ever hold the Intercontinental Title, then they would earn the Triple Crown.

To me, this is a huge oversight by the WWE, as the U.S. title was at one time just as prestigious as the IC title. Let's not forget, several WWE and WCW main-eventers, including Cena were U.S. champs prior to their WWE, WCW, or world-title runs.

Not to mention, if the U.S. title is truly a mid-card title, it should be treated as an equal to the IC strap. Ultimately, the WWE needs to look at their "milestones" a bit closer. Especially considering, they engulfed several WCW titles and claimed them as their own.

In the end, if the WWE wants their fans to rally behind the idea of a Triple Crown Champion, they need to put more stock back in their titles and recognize belts that they now own and didn't create.