If Julius Peppers Ends Up a Dallas Cowboy, I'll Lose Faith in the Greed of Man

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2009

Many have been speculating on whether or not Dallas would be interested in bringing Julius Peppers on board as a defensive end or outside linebacker.

Well, let me clear the air. We cannot afford him!

There is this thing that the NFL has, it is called a salary cap. This salary cap is supposed to limit the amount of money a team can spend on its team so that teams can't buy championships.

Dallas has one too, you know. Dallas can only afford so many star players and we have already given many large deals.

For instance: Before this previous season, Terence Newman got a six-year extension worth $50.2 million in which he will receive $22.5 million over the first three years. Around the same exact time, Jerry Jones also locked up Marion Barber with a seven-year contract for $45 million that guarantees $16 million.

Tony Romo received a six-year deal last year that paid him $67.5 million and $30 million guaranteed. Ken Hamlin, before the season, also received a six-year deal of $37.5 million dollars with around $15 million guaranteed.

Add in Terrell Owens's four-year extension of popcorn valued at $34 million with around $13 million guaranteed. Then Flozell Adams got a six-year deal for $43 million with $15 million guaranteed.

Jay Ratliff got a six-year deal last year for $20 million and Marc Columbo has a four-year deal worth $22 million with around $11.5 million guaranteed.

And do I need to add the fact that this is a 53-man roster and we have draft picks to sign, too? The Cowboys cannot pay for it all unless they get more cap space, which they can't get.

The entire team would have to take a severe pay cut, and I'm sorry, these guys' agents are not going to let that happen since they get a percentage of the take.

The Dallas Cowboys do have a good amount of cap space. They can afford to make DeMarcus Ware a Cowboy for life and maybe grab a guy like Ray Lewis if necessary, and that is a big maybe.

But to think Dallas can just go in and get Julius Peppers is ludicrous. He's been tagged by the Panthers. The Cowboys, to circumvent the tag, have got to trade for him, and they have no first-round draft picks to give out or a lot of money to give Mr. Peppers.

Furthermore, Peppers is a 4-3 defensive end who is used to a three-point stance. The Dallas Cowboys would, if they want him to get a lot of sacks, have to convert him to an outside linebacker for their 3-4 defense and he would have to go into a two-point stance instead.

Not that he couldn't do it, but he would have to learn how to be as effective in coverage (linebackers play coverage too) and pass rush from a total new stance, and yes, it is that important.

A three-point stance is leveraging your weight onto your hands so your lower legs can fly off the snap. A two-point stance is where you can't use your hand to help get lower on the ground. When you have the extra weight, you are slower.

I do not want Julius Peppers on the Dallas Cowboys. He is effective, but the Cowboys have Greg Ellis, who is a leader, at the other outside linebacker position, and Anthony Spencer waiting in the wings. I trust the drafting the Cowboys have done.

Maybe next time Mr. Peppers.