Is Kelly Pavlik Really Ducking Arthur Abraham?

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

Arthur Abraham and his camp have been making claims that Kelly Pavlik is ducking them. The casual fan might find that a bit absurd as Pavlik has been in exciting fights against Edison Miranda and Jermain Taylor, so why would The Ghost avoid him?

King Arthur is not a familiar name as he fought most of the time in Germany. Let's take a look at his record to see if Pavlik should really fear the King.

Arthur Abraham is undefeated in 28 professional fights. He won 23 of them by knockout.

He bravely fought then undefeated Edison Miranda. Arthur Abraham won that fight despite having a broken jaw by decision. In this fight, it shows that Abraham definitely has heart. He was able to survive multiple low blows and headbutts from Miranda and still salvaged the win.

In their rematch, Abraham displayed his tough shell defense which frustrated Miranda, who couldn't land a clean shot as he kept on hitting Abraham's gloves. And he also displayed his strength by launching a left hook in the fourth round that dropped Miranda that lead to his defeat.

In both of those fights, Arthur Abraham showed that he has heart, his defense is good and that he has knockout power. But is that enough to defeat The Ghost?

Looking at Kelly Pavlik, he also faced Miranda and knocked him out in the seventh round. Kelly Pavlik was already known as a knockout artist with 30 of his 34 wins coming by knockout. He also knocked out the talented Jermain Taylor.

Both boxers are both known to be hard hitters. They both display a lot of heart, however offensively, Pavlik has the edge and defensively, I have to give the nod to Arthur Abraham.

They say that Pavlik is overrated and is afraid to face Abraham but I don't believe that is the case. Pavlik was beaten by Bernard Hopkins but that doesn't mean that Pavlik was exposed. There is no shame in losing to a master tactician in B-hop. Not everyone can fight like Hopkins do.

I think that Team Pavlik is just waiting on other options before deciding on who to face next. And I bet that they already have Arthur Abraham in their radar.

I am hopeful that this fight gets made as it will surely be good for boxing, to see two champions slugging it out to determine who is the real middleweight champion of the world.