Los Angeles Dodgers Sign Orlando Hudson

Miguel SalcidoContributor IFebruary 20, 2009

The Los Angeles Dodgers today reached a one year agreement with Orlando Hudson today. The deal is believed to be worth $3.4 million with incentives that could add as much as $4.6 million to that, which could bring the deal to a total of $8 million for the year.

What a great pickup for the Dodgers. Hudson hit .305 with eight homers, 41 RBI, and a .367 on-base percentage in 107 games with the Diamondbacks in 2008.

He adds a versatile switch hitting and speedy duo at the top of the Dodgers lineup. This really improves the team as a whole, especially on the defensive side. I look forward to many dazzling plays and double plays between Furcal and Hudson this season!

Now the Dodgers lose their first-round Draft pick in June, No. 17 overall but Los Angeles will receive an additional sandwich pick between the first and second rounds, as well as the Atlanta Braves' second-round pick as compensation for the signing of Derek Lowe.

And IF Manny Ramirez decides to sign with another team the Dodgers would be in line for another draft pick as compensation. So the way I see it this was masterful because whether or not the Dodgers sing Manny they win. Its a win-win situation!

I don't know where all of this talk about moving Dewitt to third and Blake to left field is coming from but I don't like it one bit! Since when did Dewitt become better than Pierre? That scenario makes us weaker in left field (Blake has a fielding % in the outfield lower than Manny) and possibly at third although Dewitt was pretty good with the glove last season.

It also removes Pierre's speed, experience, and average from the lineup. I say that Dewitt goes to AAA and develops into next season's starting second baseman.

Here would be the projected batting order.

  1. Furcal
  2. Hudson
  3. Ethier
  4. Kemp
  5. Loney
  6. Blake
  7. Martin
  8. Pierre

Of course it could look alot better like this:

  1. Furcal
  2. Hudson
  3. Ethier
  4. Ramirez
  5. Kemp
  6. Loney
  7. Blake
  8. Martin

Sorry, I had to do that.

I want to hear, from everyone out there, what your projected batting orders would be now.