49ers Need Off-Season Shakeup

Ben IversonContributor IFebruary 20, 2009

The 49ers have a lot of things they need to do in the off season. I think they can do this by making some moves in the free agent market and the draft along with a trade or two.

The first thing I would is try to re-sign a few of our own free agents. The player I think is most important would be Takeo Spikes. He seemed to be a good fit next to Willis. He was active with 96 tackles, two forced fumbles, and three interceptions. 

Another necessary move would be re-signing Allen Rossum, who was huge this season in the kick-return game. After that I would look to see what kind of deal Bryant Johnson is looking for. Although he didn't do great last year he did still have 45 catches for more than 500 yards, which is second best behind Isaac Bruce in both those categories. With Bruce's age, we should consider looking for WR's.

We also lack depth in our running backs so Deshawn foster might be smart to re-sign. Finally, Donald Strickland did all right last year; re-signing him would help us maintain the depth NFL teams needs in DB's.

After that I would go shopping for a trade. I believe there are a few people on the team that we might be able to get some second- to fourth-round picks for. Alex Smith is the one we need to get rid of! He is a bust. I would get whatever I could for him. 

Nate Clements might draw some value from teams, even though his talent hasn't shined out here like it did in Buffalo. Jonas Jennings and Mike Roman would be the other players I think have more value in getting rid of than keeping them. I know some people will disagree in getting rid of Roman but Iv'e seen him get burned too much and I think we could do better at the FS position.

If the 49ers are able to get some picks for those players, I think the team will do OK in the draft as long as it goes after the right positions. 

I dont think the 49ers should look for a QB in the draft. I think they would be safer going with Hill and looking for QB depth in the free agent market. I think acquiring a good FS and a talented WR would be smart early moves.  Also it seems that great corners have been coming out of the draft lately so if they find themselves in the position to pick up a promising corner in the draft, that would be smart.  Those are the position we I think Sam Francisco should look for in the draft.

I'm sorry to say but I'm not fully up to date on who is available in the free agent market but I do believe the team should look for a RT and a backup QB. I will get back to you guys on some good fits.