Wrestlemania 25 Predictions: Undertaker's Undefeated Streak to End?

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

Wrestlemania is looming, and this is what I think is going to happen.


John Morrison and Miz vs. Carlito and Primo

This double tag-team titles match will go in favor of Miz and Morrison, as they'll isolate Primo for most of the match. Primo will finally tag Carlito, who'll clean house.

The fight will then be taken outside; by mistake, Primo will clothesline one of the twins when Miz ducks. Carlito will get distracted, and Morrison will use his "Moonlight Drive" and then cover Carlito for the three-count.

Winners: Morrison and Miz

JBL vs. Kozlov

After failing to beat HBK and earn the right to fight The Undertaker, JBL will turn his attention to another streak. It will be a real back-and-forth match, with both men controlling the match for a time.

The referee will be knocked down when JBL goes for a "Clothesline from Hell." JBL will go out to get a chair, but just as he goes to hit Kozlov with it, Kozlov will hit him with the "Battering Ram" and get the win.

Winner: Kozlov


MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kendrick

This match is money in the bank, as it will feature plenty of high-flying action with some amazing moves done off the top of the ladder. Rey will be inches away from the briefcase when Benjamin appears, and they'll then have a fist fight on the top of the ladder.

In the meantime, MVP will place the other ladder close by and climb to the top. Benjamin will throw Rey off the top, only to look the other way and get kicked in the face. MVP will reach up and get the case.

Winner: MVP


Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Jeff will have the upper hand in this no-disqualifications match, but Matt will work on Jeff's leg, keeping him from doing his riskiest moves. Matt will get a chair and make it even worse.

Jeff will get "Irish Whip"-ed, but he'll quickly climb the turnbuckle to use his "Whisper in the Wind."

Then he'll pull out a ladder and climb to the top; but as he gets there, Matt will hit his already-injured leg with the chair. Matt will then climb to the top and deliver a devastating "Twist of Fate," earning him the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy


Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

Beth will control most of the Women's Championship; that is, until Melina uses her special out of nowhere.

Both women will initially seem to be out of it, but they'll slowly start getting up. Santino will get worried and distract the referee, then toss Beth the Women's Championship belt. Beth will then nail Melina in the head with it and then get the three-count.

Winner: Beth Phoenix


Christian vs. Jack Swagger

"Captain Charisma" is the favorite going in to the ECW Championship, but the fans could be in for a huge shock.

After hitting Swagger with the "Unprettier," Christian will go to the top rope for a "Frog Splash" and miss. Swagger will go to the top rope and use a Splash of his own.

After getting a near-fall from his Splash, Swagger will "Irish-Whip" Christian, then go for a "Backslide," which Christian will counter with an Unprettier and get the three-count.

Winner: Christian


The Legends Gauntlet Match

Jericho will get quick wins over Slaughter, Piper, and Snuka, but there will be one man left.

Cue Hulk Hogan's music.

The Hulkster will emerge to a standing ovation, but Jericho will quickly get the upper hand. He'll use a "Codebreaker," and it will look to be all over as he goes for the cover and gets a two-count.

But then Hogan will "hulk up", big-boot Y2J, and leg-drop for the win.

As Hogan leaves, Jericho will finally get up as we hear the glass break.

Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Jericho will look shocked, but as Austin extends his hand to congratulate him on a good match, Y2J will smile and accept...only to get a "Stone Cold Stunner."

Winner: Hulk


John Cena vs. Edge

Edge will target John Cena's neck in this, the heavyweight title fight, making it difficult for Cena to pull any moves off. Just as it seems Edge is going for the "Spear", Cena will use the "Drop-Toe Hold" and get Edge into the "STFU."

Edge will get to the ropes, but as he does, he'll get hit with an "Attitude Adjustment."

Winner: John Cena


Triple H vs. Randy Orton

A quick "RKO" midway through the match will really take the momentum away from The Game. But Triple H will connect with a "Spinebuster," and as Rhodes and Dibiase try to run in, Triple will land a couple of punches on both of them before being ordered to the back by Stephanie.

Triple H will get back in the ring only to get hit with a "Backbreaker." Orton will line up for the punt, but Stephanie will come in the ring to stop him. After Randy goes outside the ring to get a steel chair, Stephanie will try to take it from him, pushing him into the ref as she does.

By now Triple H is up, and will hit Orton with the steel chair.

Hunter will go to check on the ref, and then Stephanie will come in the ring and hit The Game with a low blow. Randy will then use another RKO, and the referee will get back to his feet to make the three-count.

Winner: Randy Orton


The Undertaker vs. HBK

Shawn will come out fast, hitting Undertaker with everything he's got; Undertaker will hit back with a "Chokeslam." But just as it begins to look like the "Deadman" isn't going to wait around and is going to go for the tombstone, Shawn will counter and connect with the "Sweet Chin Music."

Both men will be down, and then you'll see JBL run into the ring with a steel chair. It will look like he's going to hit HBK with the chair, but he'll suddenly turn around and smack The Undertaker.

JBL did say he would be the man to take away Undertaker's winning streak.

Winner: HBK


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