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Mark HauserCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2009

Joe the Announcer: Good Evening, welcome to ESPN 4, the All-Sports-Cliche Network, where we are proud to bring you game five of a best of seven conference final playoff series. I'm Joe Announcer, and I'm here with Mr. Basketball, Cory the Commentator.  

We have an intriguing match-up tonight.  These teams don't like each other, there's plenty of bad blood between these two teams. There's been a lot of trash talking and it's gonna be a war out there.

Both teams are playing at a high level. The series is all tied-up at 2 games apiece and this is a pivotal game for both teams. Cory, team A is home and as you know, this is a tough place to play. What does team B need to do to overcome the crowd factor in this arena?

Corey the Commentator: First of all, they have to come out of the locker room all fired up and get off to an early lead in order to take the crowd out of the game. 

Second, they have avoid a big let down if team A gets hot and goes on a run. They have to stay focused and they can't let the crowd faze them if this happens. 

Third, they play an exciting brand of basketball with an up-tempo game. However, they must take what the defense gives them and control the tempo of the game.

Joe the Announcer: No question about it, Cory. They have to treat this like any other game and remember what got them here. However, we have the league's best offense against the league's best defense—something's got to give. 

What are your three Keys for team B to ensure that their offense flows smoothly against team A's smothering defense and they avoid being put on the brink of elimination?

Cory the Commentator: First of all, they have to get the big guy involved in the offense by pounding the ball inside. And he needs to step up his offensive production and go strong to the basket. 

Second, they need to turn up the intensity and dominate the offensive glass. 

Third, they have to eliminate the mental mistakes while sticking to the fundamentals. It is the little things and the intangibles that are often the keys to winning a championship.

Joe the Announcer: Good stuff, Cory. Team A  controls their own destiny by virtue of having the home court advantage and they don't want to let team B steal this game on the road and wrestle away the home court advantage. 

Team B has their work cut out for them.  Team A has been here before and they have a lot big game experience. They're going for back-to-back championships and anything less than a championship is unacceptable, Cory. 

Cory the Commentator: Well put, Joe. This team has a chance to do something special, but in the playoffs anything can happen. On any given day, any team is capable of beating another team.

Team A is in the driver's seat. However, they have to remember to do the things they have been doing all season if they want to make it to the Finals again.

They have to come together as a team, stay hungry, and play like they are capable of playing. Because team B can't be intimidated and they just might rise to the occasion and use the revenge factor to take it to them. 

Let's get this party started because I have a feeling we are in for a doozy tonight. 


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