Viral Video of the Day: Barcelona, Lionel Messi Take Team Juggling to New Level

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterJuly 25, 2012

Pep Guardiola is gone, but Lionel Messi and friends are still up to their old tricks.

And this time, "tricks" really is the right word.

During a recent practice session, Messi and his Barcelona teammates completed a training routine that included multiple players juggling the ball, holding hands and moving together down the field.

If that sounds hard, well, it wasn't for them. It might seem difficult for mere mortals, but for the tiki-taka masters, it was literally a routine drill during a regular day of training.

The video, which appears above, serves as the B/R Viral Video of the Day for Wednesday. Enjoy, unless you're a Real Madrid supporter. In that case, please start plotting your snarky comments now.

In the video, the first group includes Messi, the Argentina wizard himself, in a group with Javier Mascherano, Dani Alves, Adriano and Ibrahim Afellay. After juggling successfully together for a few moments, the group falls apart.

And—gasp!—Messi is prominently involved in the breaking of the hand-chain.

Tsk, tsk, Leo. Under Pep, that would have earned at least two dozen extra passes in training.

These days, though, Pep is relaxing on a beach somewhere while former assistant Tito Vilanova takes charge. If this training session is any indication (like we actually needed one, though, right?), Vilanova will employ the same pass-happy tactics used by Guardiola before him.

If anything, synchronized team juggling should probably be considered upping the ante.

What do you say, readers? Will it be more of the same this season for Barca? Or are you not really all that impressed?

[h/t Dirty Tackle]