For George Shinn and Jeff Bower, It's a Lesson Learned

Blake StaffordContributor IFebruary 20, 2009

Dear Mr. George Shinn and GM Jeff Bower,

You got what you deserved this week.

After the New Orleans Hornets and Oklahoma City Thunder agreed on a deal to swap Tyson Chandler for Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox and the rights to DeVon Hardin, the deal was rescinded.

Word around Hornets camp is that the medical staff voided the deal because of Tyson Chandler's ongoing turf toe problem. Ironically, the same medical staff that rescinded the trade was also led by the doctor who performed surgery on Chandler's big toe.

This is good news for Hornets fans, potentially. Of course, it is impossible to evaluate this situation until Tyson hits the court, which could be a while due to a nagging ankle injury.

New Orleans, blame this whole mess on general manager Jeff Bower.

As good a GM as Bower, he has made some crucial mistakes that have placed the franchise in an awkward situation.

First and foremost, the Hornets GM is responsible for some poor decisions in free agency. The Hornets tried to obtain SG Morris Peterson as a restricted free agent from Toronto Raptors a few years back. Unfortunately, Bower signed Peterson even when his best years were left behind him in Lady Canada.

Secondly, Bower is responsible for giving SF Peja Stojakovic an exorbitant amount of money. Yes, Peja has been a reliable sharpshooter. However, he has missed several games as a Hornet. Peja has been a great addition to the team, but at a pretty penny. Peja is, after all, scheduled to earn $16 million next year.

Lastly, rookie evaluation has not been one of Mr. Bower's forte. Other than drafting Chris Paul, an obvious selection given that Deron Williams was off the board and the Hornets were in dire need of a point guard, the Hornets have not been efficient in drafting rookies.

JR Smith was a disastrous project, mainly because of his attitude and work ethic problems, not his god-given talents. Julian Wright is still developing, but he has yet to be integrated full-time into the lineup.

So why did the original deal to send Tyson Chandler off to Oklahoma City get done? Because of the foolish signings in the past and the general manager's inability to draft as well as his counterparts on teams like the Lakers and Spurs.

One word of advice to Mr. Bower and company: Don't be so foolish as to upset your franchise player.

Chris Paul decided to sign a short-term contract for the sole purpose of keeping an eye out on the Hornets' commitment to a championship. He told the media that he is willing to sign another contract extension as long as players such as David West and Tyson Chandler are still roaming the paint in a teal and gold uniform.

It would not be very wise to part ways with Mr. Chandler if you want to keep CP3 in New Orleans. Just a little reminder, Mr. Shinn.