Kelly Pavlik's Back...Or Is He?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIFebruary 20, 2009

It is always interesting to see how a fighter reacts after losing for the first time. Some fighters like Mike Tyson and George Foreman were never the same after their first losses.

Oh, sure Tyson was able to knock off a few more tomato cans after Buster Douglas and Foreman made his comeback at 40 that ended with a fairy tale ending, but neither fighter was the indestructible force of their youth.

Other fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard cemented their greatness by coming back from that first loss and becoming even better than they were before the loss. 

Which is why this weekend’s Cotto and Pavlik fights have a little bit of intrigue. How will these fighters react after their stunning losses to Antonio Margarito and Bernard Hopkins respectfully?

In Pavlik’s case we will have to wait to find out, because he won’t get much of a test from Marco Antonio Rubio this weekend. Marco Antonio Rubio just isn’t very good.

Let’s face it, his split decision win over Enrique Ornelas on the Pavlik-Hopkins undercard showed Rubio for who is - a journeyman with heart. 

Sure, it will be interesting to see how Pavlik comes out for this fight after his shocking loss to B-Hop. Will he be the Pavlik of old and simply destroy Rubio from the opening bell, or will he be tentative?

Will this be a short fight or will Pavlik let Rubio make the fight interesting.

Since Pavlik will be fighting at his more natural weight of 160 and in his hometown of Youngstown, OH, expect this fight to be a short one. Pavlik is simply too good for the likes of Rubio.

We will have to wait to see what the Hopkins fight did to Pavlik’s psyche for when he fights someone like Winky Wright or Paul Williams. Hopefully sometime soon.

Until then, the jury will remain out.