WWE Bill of Rights Amendment XII: The "HEEL" Personality

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2009

WWE superstars have had to fight for their rights like any other American hero you care to name. Some rights were given, others were earned through battle. Some rights were around for decades. So what's today's Amendment?....


Amendment XII - The Heel

Just like the faces, Heels have been apart of the WWE/F since the beginning of time. The fans not only need a prominent hero to cheer for (see: Hogan, Austin, Cena), but they also need an antagonist. They need someone to dislike, to boo, to hate, they need...a heel.

Just when everything is fine and the face is putting on a show for the fans, the heel is the one who turns everyone's smile upside down. Why? It's just the way it is. Movies, novels, plays, television series, politics, ecosystems, and life and general. There will always be an antagonist and a protagonists.

In WWE terms, the equivalent is heel and face. The good thing is, just like our "free" country, we can cheer for whoever we want, when we want.

They've been many heels throughout the decades. One can say that one never really stuck out. Some can say Andre the Giant was a heel, others thought he was a hero. When the Owen Hart and Bret Hart faced off, who did you go for?

Some say Owen was the heel, some say Bret was. What about Wrestlemania 14? Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels. WWE put HBK as the heel, but not everyone felt that way.

Every Amendment seems to have a root or reference in the attitude era. People had a taste of what a heel was, but in the attitude era everyone could clearly fathom what or who a heel was. Vince McMahon came to power and the perspective of a heel would be changed forever.

This wasn't your classic heel who cheated or hit a ref, this was a transformation the likes that haven't been seen before. Vince McMahon despised the fans, had one heck of a power walk, and he punished anyone who dared to defy his power.

He was the head of the Corporation, his stable which included The Rock.

McMahon shocked the world when he had Stephanie McMahon, his own daughter kidnapped. No one knew it was him, until he revealed himself to be the mastermind. The Corporation had joined forces with the Ministry of Darkness, Undertaker's stable. McMahon became even more powerful.

Stone Cold was no doubt the rebellious face of the '90s, but Vince would stop him right in his tracks from time to time. Austin would be the victim of vicious beatings, and had been fired numerous times.

Regardless of who was loved and hated, almost everyone pretty much anticipated the demise of Vince McMahon. It would come one day, but the attitude era would perish with Vince's empire.

Not too long WCW and ECW who were both purchased by the WWE, invaded and all hell broke lose. If some people didn't catch the drift of a true heel during McMahon's time, this was another opportunity to see the mechanics of cold-hearted heels.

The Invasion era had plenty of heels to go around. Rhyno, Booker-T, NWO, Dudley Boys, Tazz, DDP, etc. If that wasn't enough to have fans sick to their stomachs, then how about seeing their favorite rebel and hero turning to the dark side?

Yup, Stone Cold Steve Austin was hed general of the Alliance, and who were it's leaders? None other than Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon.

The once fans felt sympathy for Stephanie, who was a pawn in her father's quest for power. She then goes on a power trip with the same man who she was devastated to have married, Triple H.

Afterwards, she back to no good again. Like their father, both McMahon siblings would meet the the same fate as they were defeated by Kurt Angle, who led the WWE to victory.

Major heels would take the back seat for a while. There were heels along the way like Kurt Angle ("Paralysed" heel Smackdown GM), RAW GM Eric Bischoff, Brock Lesnar, JBL, Evolution and so on. In 2006, Edge rose to dominant heel status. He was known for his past heel antics, but he was more of a jokester.

Edge swapped his old persona for an "R-rated" one. He married Lita, feuded against Kane, Matt Hardy, and John Cena. The Cena feud was an epic one. For nearly a year thr two went blow for blow. Edge cashed in his Money in The Bank right after Cena had won an Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution.

Edge would easily defeat the bloody Cena and win his first WWE world champion. Everything following was escalated.

Numerous PPV bouts, F-U's (Now Attitude Adjuster) no Lita, nasty mic battles, a live sex show, attacking family members, etc. The fans had someone to truly hate once again. The only difference between the New generation and the other eras is that they had a slew of heels.

Randy Orton rose in 2006 with Edge, and Chris Jericho made his return in late 2007. He was here to save the WWE and we had another hero. It didn't take too long for Jericho to turn to the dark side. He currently is the most despised heel.

Unlike the others, he doesn't devote most of his time trying to capture a WWE world championship. He spends it "exploiting" superstars for the fakes that they are. He ridicules everyone and anyone including the fans.

He has no problem calling us all hypocrites. He's expressing his opinion so why are we mad? Maybe Because...he's right?! Vince McMahon passed this bill, the Alliance cosigned, and Orton, Edge, JBL, and Jericho revised it. Just like faces, Heels have regulations as well.

1) Heels must dislike and or ridicule the fans.

2) Heels must occasionally make fun of a city. (E.g. Trash the city's sports team)

3) Heels must cheat. (Clean victories are rare, unless its a squash match)

4) Heels must argue and attack with the GM's or any height authority.

5) Heels must form "factions" to rid themselves of the faces.

6) Heels have to occasionally trash legends.

7) Every Heel's destiny is to capture a World champion title. (There are exceptions)

8) Heels have to be arrogant, as Faces are modest.

9) Heels have to lost at Wrestlemania most of time. (There are exceptions)

10) Heels have to be smarter than Faces, who are mostly fan-loving idiots.

11) Heels must embrace and or ignore the heat/hate that they receive.

12) Heels have to occasionally turn on other heels.

13) Every heel was once a face, or will be one in the future.

13) Every heel's problem are the fans fault.

14) Heels hate other heels. (There are exceptions)

15) Heels must have better mic skills than faces....most of the time.


Prominent Heels

Vince McMahon (Attitude Era)

The Corporation (Attitude Era)

Stephanie and Shane McMahon (Invasion Era/McMahon-Helmsly Era)

The Alliance (Invasion Era)

Stone Cold (Invasion Era)

Evolution (New Generation Era)

Paul Heyman's new ECW (New Generation Era)

Rated-RKO and Edge and Orton both as single competitors (New Generation Era)

Chris Jericho (New Generation Era)


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