The Montreal Canadiens: Guy Lafleur Is Speaking Out Of Turn!

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

My plan this morning was to write about last night's game a 5-4 lose to the Pittsburgh Penguins. As disappointing as that was, the news today is worse.

This news, out of Montreal last night, was how Guy Lafleur is speaking out of turn in regards to the Bob Gainey, Alex Kovalev issue.

Now I realize that Lafleur is larger than life, or so he thinks, and was a wonderful Montreal Canadiens player in his day. He has many stats that are outstanding: 1127 games played, 560 goals, 793 assists, 1353 points.

He also has played in 128 playoff games. He scored 58 goals and recorded 76 assists in those games.

Despite all of his accomplishments, and a statue in front of the Bell Centre, it does not put him in a position to tell Mr. Gainey how to run the Montreal Canadiens. The word's out of his mouth were that Kovalev should quit as a Hab and Montreal's GM had no right to tell him to stay home.

First, asides from Guy Lafleur needing to mind his own business, he needs to realize that being an Ex-Canadiens star does not open the door for him to run the Canadiens.

As far as minding his own business, he has enough to keep him busy; with his son's problems and his part in it. The Canadiens have enough going on this year, and Lafleur should not be a part of it.

Now on to the alleged criminal activity, with team members.

The individual who the two team member's may have been involved with, Mangiola Pasquale, was caught in a sting operation. He has been arrested and questioned. I hope this problem proves to not involve any Canadiens player's; drug trafficking would destroy their career's. 

The Canadiens where supposed to be the cream of the crop this year, instead they are struggling on and off the ice.

With all this, and Mr. Gainey trying to get the team back to their winning ways, no more interference from the outside is needed.

As far as last night's game, the Canadiens made a great effort against the Penguins. Especially when they came back to tie the game after being down 4-2 in the third period.  Despite falling 5-4, lets hope that all the recent troubles don't translate to more losses on the ice.