WWE: Daniel Bryan-AJ Wedding and the Selection of New GM of RAW Makes No Sense

Shalaj LawaniaSenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2012

RAW 1000 delivered on many aspects, and I have a reason to believe it wouldn't have in many people's minds had it not been for the reprisal of CM Punk's dormant devil, lying years in wait and emerging at a crowd favourite People's Elbow.

However, even though 80 percent of the aftermath articles are joyously reveling in this new-found happiness (why shouldn't we, it's taken some time coming), a few others are about the other highly controversial and also ignorantly illogical event that occurred on this milestone episode of everyone's favourite TV show—AJ being appointed General Manager. 

The despondent story does not write itself sadly, and we are left to inspect the brutal, indolent handiwork of the ever-so-committed WWE Creative. 

Assuming Daniel Bryan had no ulterior motives (white lads from a mental asylum is far-fetched, men in-charge of decoration isn't) because he had no future scripted for him beyond a title match with Punk at Money In The Bank and his use for AJ had run it's course. 

AJ as a manager had already costed him a disconcerting defeat at the grandest stage of them all, and that should be at the apex of heinous crimes a manager could unknowingly commit, so that's definitely not a reason for his proposal. In fact, if you'd really study the evolution of Daniel Bryan's character throughout the period after Wrestlemania 28, you'll start believing this was an actual proposal.

Daniel Bryan was this ego-centric, indifferent boyfriend who treated AJ as a luxury and liability at the same time, but more of the former. The moment the scales tipped sideways, he got rid of her, but realized how vital AJ was for his little ego-boost that actually propelled all his actions. Beautiful Bryan needed a devotee, and he had one in AJ which gratified him further. Her involvement with Punk and Kane made him realize this very fact, and also that he had grown to need her and consequently love her in the process. No mental asylum ambitions here.


So here's the first loophole—why did AJ say yes initially? We were told she received Vince McMahon's business proposal on the day of the show, a week after the proposal. So what did she say 'YES!' to initially? Believing she had foreseen Vince's capricious thinking isn't plausible, because no one swerves decisions as swiftly as Vince McMahon.

If she did say 'YES!' as an expression of a genuine desire to get married, how on Earth can anything be more important than her god Daniel Bryan? And even if she aspired to elevate her career, why does that involve sacrificing her love for a job that she will get kicked out of in six months or less? Also, why does accepting the job necessitate the need to squander Bryan's love along with it, or the pretense of it so far?  

Crazy chick is not the answer to everything, folks.

But that's the smaller loophole.

Almost a year back, Vince McMahon was rudely ejected from his command over Raw because his decisions were gradually heading from biased to looney. The almighty Board Of Directors replaced him because they believed he was losing his sensibility and, in other words, turning unstable. Triple H was similarly removed when he couldn't maintain a stable corporate career because of his uncontrollable ire.

Having established their sublime intentions of having RAW under the command of an level-headed, sensible and highly accountable individual, their selection of a mentally deranged female wrestler makes zero sense.

Vince McMahon's growth to insanity was gradual, AJ's already at the final destination—yet somehow she's eligible for the very thing Vince was kicked out of?


Unless you make tag team matches every week (holla holla!), you won't be sticking for long. RAW GMs in particular have a shorter lifespan, having been thrust into prominence of WWE's flagship show. AJ will be kicked out sooner or later, and what reason would they have for doing so? Is she too crazy to run a historic show? Didn't the all-knowing, omnipotent Board Of Directors and McMahon already know that? 

Let's say they believe AJ isn't crazy, then on what grounds was she entrusted such a high corporate position in this billion dollar company? Appearing on NXT and officiating a WWE Title match at a B-level PPV make up her resume, and if that's all that is required, then Heath Slater is one Special Guest Referee match away from becoming GM of SmackDown. Maybe he can officiate two for good luck and become Chairman directly.

I'm not saying AJ as a general manager wouldn't be good—it's too soon to say. She might be or she might not, but as of now she's beginning the most relevant phase of her WWE career on a horribly weak background. Knowing WWE, instead of getting plausible answers we'll get to know that Hornswoggle drugged the Board Of Directors' coffee and is behind this big story, as he is behind most of them.

Thanks for the read all. 

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