Magic Acquire the Wrong Guy: Why Jeff George Would Be a Much Better Fit

Ben AllaireSenior Analyst IFebruary 20, 2009

Jason Whitlock is making a guest appearance in this space.

With Jameer Nelson now injured and out for the season, the Orlando Magic need a strong hand to guide them into the playoffs.

On Wednesday, Magic GM Otis Smith acquired playground legend and point guard extraordinaire Rafer Alston to fill the void left by  Nelson.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that the Orlando Magic completely blew this trade.

What they really needed was a quarterback to run the show. I'm not talking about your typical Steve Blake veteran-type, who runs the offense and doesn't get in the way. 

I'm talking about a real live quarterback: Jeff George.

Never mind that Jeff hasn't thrown an NFL pass in almost a decade or that he can't dribble left handed. The guy has a rocket arm! He can solve all types of offensive problems.

My obsession with Jeff has been well-documented, but that's no reason to stop now.  I'm telling you, Jeff can run an offense.

Big Sexy knows that his age (40) wouldn't matter in today's NBA game. Look at Dikembe Mutumbo; That 42 year-old finger-waggin' shot-blockin' crazy is still dominating just like the old days. Besides, Anthony Johnson is already a back-up for the Magic at age 35. 

What's five more years?  If Sacramento can trade for that ancient alien Sam Cassell, why not Jeff?

Jeff George could easily sit in the back court and throw 60 foot passes with ease. Kevin Love's got nothing on Jeff!

You know if the Orlando Magic doesn't get him, somebody will. Boston just had a roster spot open up.

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