Sal Fasano Flashback

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009

In anticipation of 2009, I wanted to share a few quick photos from the late September game against Detroit where Fausto Carmona beat the crap out of Gary Sheffield.

I am happy we are turning the page on a tough season, but watching the replay of this game gave me some more hope for this season.

Choo looked amazing in hitting two home runs. Grady was Grady, belting a bomb into center. Fausto pitched OK—until being ejected, and Betancourt threw like his old self.

Sal Fasano looked like a beer league softball player.

I won't miss the injuries and inconsistencies, but I sure will miss the Italian Stallion, as I will forever be one of Sal's Pals.

Sal in a comfy sweatshirt











Sal cooling off Fausto

Fausto winding up and delivering a fist sandwich to Gary Sheffield. What a game and what an incident! The Colorado Rockies have one great Spring Training Invitee!
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