Whats Next for Rey Mysterio? And What Is the WWE Doing About It?

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for underdogs, and it's no secret that Rey has always been an underdog whether he chooses to see it that way or not. His ability in the ring is amazing, a crowd favorite, and overall impressive wrestler, but even with his awesome track record, he is just not getting a push in the WWE.

Many will say it was a Cinderella Story when the Master of the 619 won the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 22 against Angle and Orton, but since losing that title against King Booker, the WWE has limited Mysterio's prosperity.

The truth is the WWE has pushed Mysterio throughout his entire tenure; not that Mysterio needed the push to get over with the fans.

They started him off as a top Cruiserwieght contender, earning eight WWE Cruiserwight Titles, World Tag Team Title with RVD, and three WWE Tag Title Championships one with Edge, one with Eddie Guerrero, and one with Batista, all before his World Heavyweight Title win at WM22 in 2006.

The problems for Mysterio's career didn't start till he lost his World Heavyweight Title to Booker T, and that has a lot to do with how the WWE has booked him, and who've they've put him up against. Sometimes the misuse of his talent has hurt the WWE's credibility as well as Mysterio's bright career.

A great example of the misuse of Mysterio is facing him off against then-World Heavyweight Champ, The Great Khali, and then make Mysterio seem totally dwarfed in comparison to the might and stature of Khali, and then bail him out by adding Batista to the mix.

Making it look like the Master of the 619 couldn't handle his own, the WWE was basically painting a picture telling us he could never compete with the big guys again. 

Or how about the convoluted Kane storyline? How much of that made sense? Just when we expected Kane to divulge deeper into his psychotic mind and maybe see the return of Kane's mask, we are hit with an inexplicable swerve leading to a rivalry with Rey, that really had no beginning or end?

Who thought this was a good storyline really? It really didn't do anything for either star, as they storyline fell apart and almost felt non-existent.

At least his fights with Mike Knoxx has proven to put Knoxx on the collective radar, and had some real heat to Knoxx, not a whole lot, but way better than with Kane.

With no other explanation than Mike Knoxx just likes to kick A**, and Mysetrio was a perfect punching bag, that in itself was a breath of fresh air compared to the over-explained angle with Kane, sometimes simple is good, not great, but at least good.

Not to mention that you have Rey making stars like CM Punk, losing to the younger competitor in the tournament to declare the No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship Title. Not saying CM Punk isn't worthy, but Rey would have done a lot more with the opportunity.

Just look at Mysterio's unprecedented performances at the 2009 Royal Rumble and at No Way Out, he racked up more than and hour and a half of ring time in two PPV's! Amazing! At No Way Out alone he was a determining factor in the eliminations of Kane, John Cena, and Chris Jericho, and he came with in seconds of defeating Edge for the World Heavyweight Title, even though he started the match close to 40 mins earlier with Chris Jericho.

Mysetrio kept fans guessing, at the edge of their seats, he truly put on a good show, and made Edge's victory that much more credible thanks to Rey. I mean did you guys see Rey take out Kane? How about the 619 on Cena, or the failed powerbomb attempt by Edge into the X-factor reversal on the steel ring-floor, into the 916 (backwards 619), it was just an impressive showing by the masked marvel.

What do I think? I think if they're not gonna put a major Championship on Rey like the WWE or the World Heavyweight Title, they should at least give him a push in the upper-mid card division with either the Intercontinental Championship Title or the United States Championship Title gold within his reach. But there is no one more deserving than Rey of another Big Title Push!

Or maybe Rey can lead a stable of high-flyers like Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and maybe even Jeff Hardy, they could call themselves the "Top Rope Kings" or TRK for short.

That would be a welcomed change to the Miz and Morrison, or The Legacy, and they can fued for months heading into " Survivor Series" for a classic Survivor Series Match against the bland heels. Well, maybe it'll never happen, but it never hurts to dream.

Whatever the case, yes he is an underdog, he may be lacking in strength or stature, but he always backs it up in the ring where needed...