Kenny Britt's Woes Threaten to Unravel the Titans' Season

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistJuly 24, 2012

Britt can't escape the grasp of his own problems.
Britt can't escape the grasp of his own problems.Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE

Kenny Britt has serious issues.

At this point in his career, the Tennessee Titans' wide receiver is nothing if not troubled.

Less than a week after it was revealed he underwent another knee procedure, Britt was arrested for DUI.

No matter how talented he is, Britt can't seem to escape from the endless string of arrests and injuries that have defined his career.

Allowing for the possibility that his recent problems are all just a big misunderstanding, it's clear he has failed to learn the lesson presented to Justin Blackmon a few weeks ago.

He owes everyone more.

The idea that we owe anything to anyone else has apparently become anathema in America today, which both horrifies and saddens me. When I originally wrote that Blackmon had a debt to all of us that he needed to pay by trying harder and living better, I was unprepared for the backlash that the simple and seemingly uncontroversial truth generated.

What was true for Blackmon goes double for Britt.

He owes society more.

He owes his fans more. I'm sure he's worked hard for everything he has, but he has been supported, encouraged and cheered by thousands of fans who wear his jersey and buy tickets to watch him.

He owes his employers more. They have paid him millions of dollars and given him the chance to become a household name, and he has repaid them with one legal run-in after another.

He owes his teammates more. They've been sticking up for him for months.

We don't have all the details yet, but unless it turns out that Britt just had a sip of cough syrup and this is all big misunderstanding, it's safe to say his actions were reckless at best and criminal at worst. 

Britt's selfishness may already have ruined the Titans' season. The team doesn't have much room for error, and instead of fielding a top passing attack featuring three strong wideouts, the Titans now have to worry about whether Britt will be available at all. Instead of easing Kendall Wright into the lineup, they may now need him to start Week 1.

It's true that anyone can make a mistake. I also believe there are many places where the police and the legal system treat young black men unfairly and target them. I also know that DUI arrests don't always stick.

Britt didn't make a mistake. He made eight.

He wasn't pulled over for "driving while black." He was stopped at a military base checkpoint.

Britt owes it to himself not to be driving after ingesting alcohol. He can't possibly be ignorant of all the players getting picked up for DUI, nor can he possibly be unaware that Roger "The Hanging Judge" Goodell will likely crack down hard on him for this latest misstep. He's already narrowly escaped the Wrath of Roger once, and won't likely skate a second time.

If Britt goes down for this, I believe he'll take the Titans' season with him.