Eleven Challenging College Football Questions To Drive You Mad

BabyTateSenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2009

How about some college football madness? Since "March Madness" is just around the corner, why not get an early start with pigskin questions?

These 11 questions are designed as straightforward with only one answer. Keep in mind, things are not always as they seem; milk often masquerades as cream.

1) What Head Coach did Bear Bryant defeat to win his final national championship in the 1979 season Sugar Bowl?

2) True or False: Peyton Manning won the Heisman Trophy the same year Tennessee won the BCS championship.

3) The Miami Hurricanes won 58 home games in a row from 1985 to 1994. What team broke that Hurricane home field winning steak in '94?

4) What school has produced the more current Heisman Trophy winner: Penn State, Syracuse, Iowa, South Carolina, or LSU?

5) What team did Duke play the last time the Blue Devils were in the Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena?

6) Who has won more BCS championships: Joe Paterno, Bear Bryant, Knute Rockne, Bud Wilkinson, or Phil Fulmer?

7) Only one school has produced the BCS champion and the Heisman Trophy winner in the same season. Name the school.

8) How many schools from the Big 12 have won the BCS championship? Who were they?

9) How many schools are in the Big Ten? How many have won the BCS championship?

10) Of the eight coaches listed below, only two have recorded undefeated seasons in the past. Name the two who have accomplished this and where they coach currently: Mark Richt, Nick Saban, Les Miles, Tommy Bowden, Steve Spurrier, Tommy Tuberville, Bobby Petrino, and Rick Neuheisel.

11) Of the eight schools listed below, which one has the best win-loss record in their past 10 Bowl Games? Texas, Alabama, Southern California, Ohio State, Miami, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Penn State.



11—Gifted Knowledge

9 or 10—Special College Football History Fan

7 or 8—Probably An Avid Fan

5 or 6—You Are Average

3 or 4—Probably In It For The Tailgate Parties

1 or 2—Thinks Football Is Soccer


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