WWE Raw 1000: CM Punk Heel Turn to Close the Show

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIIJuly 23, 2012

Raw's 1,000th episode was filled with legends, title changes and major announcements.

For those of you who DVR'd it, please stay away from this article.

We saw the full reunion (minus Chyna) of D-Generation X and Miz win the Intercontinental title. The Rock announced that he will challenge for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble and Lesnar will take on Triple H at SummerSlam.

Yet, the biggest shocker came at the end of the three-hour show during the WWE title match between CM Punk and John Cena.

Cena just finished his typical comeback when he went for the pin, but the referee was down. Big Show interfered and speared him and connected with the knockout punch. Punk went to wake the ref up. He pinned Cena but he kicked out.

Punk then went for the Go to Sleep, but Cena reversed it and locked in the STF. Show came back in and caused a DQ finish. Show then continued the beating on Cena and Punk didn't know what to do. Rock's music hit and made the save. He was going for the People's Elbow when Punk clotheslined Rock. He then hit the Go to Sleep.

The crowd was in shock. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were shocked. I watched as my jaw literally dropped.

He walked up the ramp as Rock, Cena and Show were left laying in the ring to close the show.

We've seen the reports about Punk hinting at a possible heel turn, but many thought it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

In my opinion, this was a great time to turn Punk heel. He just finished his feud with Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank. His character seemed to be in a stalemate in recent months. A year ago, he was the most talked about man in WWE with the "promo heard around the world" but now he was just a Cena-lite.

With WWE being a very babyface-heavy company right now, they now turned their second top wrestler and made him the No. 1 heel. This will now keep me, and possibly many others, interested to see what's going to happen on episode 1001 and beyond.

My opinion is that WWE will have a triple threat WWE title match at SummerSlam featuring Punk, Cena and Big Show. I include Show in the match because of his involvement on Raw. I would like to see a Punk versus Cena match, but I don't think it'll happen just yet.

Let me know what you thought about the 1000th episode and the Punk heel turn in the comments below.