Jerry Lawler: Full Timeline of WWE Legend's Frightening Collapse on Raw

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Jerry Lawler: Full Timeline of  WWE Legend's Frightening Collapse on Raw
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As Raw went off of the air tonight, the WWE Universe held its collective breath following the sudden collapse of Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler (via

During a tag-team segment involving Daniel Bryan and Kane, it became apparent that something was going horribly wrong, as the commentary stopped and the crowd focused its attention on the ringside area.

As physicians attended to Lawler, his broadcast partner Michael Cole tried to get back into the match and call the action in the ring. However, it was obvious by the sound of his voice that things were not as they seemed.

When there was a break in the action, Michael Cole updated the audience at home as to what was going on, informing us that the WWE legend had collapsed at the desk, was administered CPR and was on the way to the hospital. Despite what had happened, he confirmed that the show would go on and that there would be no further commentary except to provide further updates on Lawler's condition.

As the night continued, an eerie environment fell over the audience as no one knew what was going on. It was just as unsettling for the home viewer, who was left in limbo, scrambling to the Internet for answers as the uncomfortable silence settled over the in-ring action.

Before the final segment of the evening, Cole returned to the air and gave fans good news about the state of the beloved color commentator. Cole announced that Lawler was breathing on his own and responding to visual stimulation while receiving oxygen. Meanwhile, the show pressed forward with the showdown involving John Cena, Bret Hart and CM Punk.

Finally, after the show wrapped up, Cole returned for his final update of the night, and prefaced it by calling it encouraging. He informed the fans that Lawler was continuing to breathe on his own, that he was continuing to respond to treatment and that he was awaiting a CAT scan.

Cole then wished his partner well and signed off for the evening.

Per, the WWE decided to cancel the post-event ceremonies, including a dark match and a ceremony for WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, which were both planned for this evening.

Obviously this was a scary situation for everyone involved and we will continue to keep you updated as more news is available. 

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