UFC 95: Writers' Picks

Andrew AltonCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

UFC 95 is coming to us free on Spike TV straight out of London on Saturday night.

It seems to me that casual fans are quickly dismissing this fight card as mundane, un-extraordinary, and run-of-the-mill.  I disagree. 

There are many intriguing match ups on this fight card along with a bounty of solid, up-and-coming fighters.

Diego Sanchez is back making his debut at lightweight. This fight has many subplots, the biggest being, can he overcome the weight cut?

Nate "the Great" Marquardt is back in action after his victory over Martin Kampmann.  In my opinion, Marquardt is a beast. 

His training is nearly on par with Georges St. Pierre.  Can't wait to see his progression.  I hope his beard is getting into the Dustin Hazelett stage.

Demian Maia might have the best made-for-MMA jiu jitsu in the UFC.  The guy is the Mariano Riviera of the UFC...he is a closer. 

His fight against Chael Sonnen is very intriguing and my favorite matchup on the card.  Sonnen has good wrestling and poses a good threat to Maia.

Everytime I watch Josh Koscheck, he improves.  The guy just keeps raising the bar.  Not sure how fighting a UFC-debuting Paulo Thiago helps him get closer to another title shot, but I won't mind seeing the replay of his knockout.


The Writers

Brian Oswald (16-4; 80%)

Andrew Alton (14-6; 70%)

Robert DesRoche (7-3; 70%)

Jessy Morris (13-7; 65%)

Mike Leanza (12-8; 60%)

Flyin' Hawaiian (12-8; 60%)


The Picks

Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson

Sanchez:  Unanimous

The Consensus:  Sanchez wins by second round knockout.


Dan Hardy vs. Rory Markham

Hardy:  Alton, Oswald, Morris, FH

Markham:  DesRoche, Leanza

The Consensus:  Hardy wins via split decision.


Nate Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia

Marquardt:  Alton, Oswald, Morris, FH, Leanza

Gouveia:  DesRoche

The Consensus:  Marquardt wins with a threerd round knockout.


Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen

Maia:  Alton, Oswald, DesRoche, Morris, FH

Sonnen:  Leanza

The Consensus:  Maia wins via second round submission.


Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago

Koscheck:  Unanimous

The Consensus:  Koscheck wins by first-round knockout.


Terry Etim vs. Brian Cobb

Etim:  Alton, Oswald, DesRoche, Morris

Cobb:  FH, Leanza

The Consensus:  Etim wins via third round submission.


Junior Dos Santos vs. Stefan Struve

Dos Santos:  Alton, Oswald, Morris, FH

Struve:  DesRoche, Leanza

The Consensus:  Dos Santos wins with second round knockout.


Neil Grove vs. Mike Ciesnolevics

Grove:  Alton, DesRoche, FH, Leanza

Ciesnolevics:  Oswald, Morris

The Consensus:  Grove wins by second-round knockout.


Per Eklund vs. Evan Dunham

Eklund:  Alton, Oswald, FH

Dunham:  DesRoche, Morris, Leanza

There is no consensus.


Paul Kelly vs. Troy Mandaloniz

Kelly:  Unanimous

The Consensus:  Kelly wins via first-round knockout.

Enjoy the fights everyone, especially since it is an underrated card and it is free.


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