The End of an Era

Nola ChickCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

Oh sure you knew it was coming, but were you really prepared for this heartwrenching feeling? Your voice of reason told you it was over months ago. But that little glimmer of hope still found its way into the forefront every now and again. Now comes the news that my Deuce is gone. And I gotta say, I’m in the mood for a good ole fashioned “T.O.” style sob-fest. Say it aint’ so, Saints. Say it ain’t so…

Deuce McAllister will forever hold a soft spot in the hearts of Saints fans. Not just because he broke records with the team or worked his butt off over his 8 year run. Fans love Deuce because he’s that standup kind of player organizations can only dream of. And now, to be cutting him loose like some one night stand after an 8 hour Bourbon Street drinking binge…man that hurts.

I know the front office folks have their reasons. I know there’s cap room to be saved and the “future of the franchise” and blah, blah, blah. But something tells me there was a way to make it work. If they really wanted this to work, they could have made it work, right?

Yeah, I know. I’m being the emotional/irrational fan right now. But isn’t that what loving the Saints is all about? Don’t we thrive on irrational hopes and predictions? “Super Bowl bound next year!” “Sure we’re down by 40 points in the fourth quarter, but all we need are a few onside kicks and punt returns and we’re golden!” Believing in the near impossible is what we’re all about. So in that regard, it doesn’t seem so far fetched that many of us fans believed the Saints and Deuce could make something work.

Afterall, this is the two-time pro bowler who fought his way back on to the field after two knee surgeries. This is the guy who took Reggie Bush under his wing and gave him the mentorship he never got when he joined the team and played alongside the dreadlocked doucebag known as Ricky Williams. This is DEEEUUUUCCCCEEEE!!!!!!!! We’re going to just let go of DEEUUUUUUCCCEEEE!!!!!??????? Aw damn, this hurts…

I had the privledge of interviewing Deuce McAllister before the start of this season. He wasn’t exactly a chatty Cathy, but I respected that his heart was in the game. I respected how passionately he spoke of his community services efforts. I respected how much he loved my city.

I’m not sure where Deuce will end up. Hopefully his career will come full circle and he’ll eventually be offered some sort of coaching job with the Saints once he’s done playing ball. Hope is all I have. But it’s failed me before.

We’ll miss you Deuce. I really hoped you’d be there when we win the Super Bowl next year. This is a sad day for a Saints fan.

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