London 2012 Olympic Basketball: How the 2012 Dream Team Will Miss Derrick Rose

Ernest Shepard@@ernestshepardAnalyst IIIJuly 23, 2012

The "Dream Team 2012" will miss one of the NBA's brightest stars.
The "Dream Team 2012" will miss one of the NBA's brightest stars.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Derrick Rose brings top-level speed and unrivaled athleticism as a point guard. Rose is also a leader by example on and off the court. The 2012 U. S. Men’s Olympic basketball team could surely use a player of his capabilities. It is a shame that he is hurt.

There is no reason to revisit why Rose is not playing on this 2012 version of the “Dream Team”. If it were not for his torn ACL, Rose would be front and center and ready to take over as the world’s biggest basketball star.

That is why “Dream Team 2012” will miss Derrick Rose.

Glancing upon this team you see all of the familiar names, I cannot help but wonder how well would Rose have fit in with this group.

Kobe Bryant is now the wily vet, Kevin Durant is the silky-smooth shooter and LeBron James, fresh off winning the NBA title is indeed the star of stars.

The problem is LeBron at 27 years of age is very polarizing as a personality. Some people love him, some people hate him. He is also near the edge of his peak. By the time the next Olympics come around, LeBron will be in his 30s and quite possibly no longer the main attraction. He would indeed be the Kobe Bryant of the next incarnation of the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team.

U.S.A. basketball needs to develop a new face. Only a player that plays with flair and beams with star power fits the bill.

The most natural choice would be Durant. He has already played for a championship, he plays with passion and he is the NBA’s best all-around scorer. Kevin Durant is not Derrick Rose.

Rose has a laid-back attitude that resonates well with basketball fans. He is as quiet off the basketball court as he is dynamic on it. His acrobatic layups and floaters in the lane are poetry in motion. They are simply breathtaking. Not many basketball fans would turn away when Rose has the ball in his hands.

Rose is much like LeBron in terms of must-see basketball. The Olympics would have marked his coming out party. The Olympics would have been a passing of the torch from one transcendent superstar in LeBron, to the next in Rose.

This is not meant as slight to Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul as they are all great players. “Dream Team 2012” is in great hands with the three of them on board but the team will miss out as neither of them can move the needle the same way that Derrick Rose can.

We as basketball fans also miss out on an opportunity to witness a superstar that was on the verge.