New York Yankees New Addition: Billy Crystal

Mike DoyonCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2008

Yes. It's true. Billy Crystal will be throwin' on the pinstripes of the Bronx Bombers for a spring training game this Thursday against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The question remains: what position will he play? Sit A-Rod and play 'em besides Derek Jeter on the left side?

Perhaps we'll see him and Jeets turn two a couple times...Or, maybe let him run around in the outfield chasing fly balls?

Wait a second, they're playing Pittsburgh. We all know they can't get hit it out of the infield. Which begs another question: when will Jason Bay jump ship and ditch the Pirates?

Anyway, where will Billy bat? He may not be lead-off material, but if his high school stats (.348 as a senior in high school) are any indication, he should be tucked somewhere between 3rd and 5th in the order. Imagine he hit a long bomb?

If that happened, I think Pitt should be kicked out of the league.