Morality, Legality, and Reality?

Dale DeckerContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

There are two primary issues that have recently torqued my trigger.

First, is the refusal of a visa for Sharar Peer.  I don't watch tennis, but even I am smart enough to figure out what is going on here.  The claim is that her visa was denied only because the organizers did not want to incite unnecessary violence. 

If this is true, then why did they allow fellow Israeli Andy Ram?  Add to that the fact that the WTA has warned Dubai, and threatened their future tournaments and insisted on certain guarantees for the future (although allegedly said guarantees were in place for this one), the Tennis Channel has refused to cover the tournament and Wall Street Journal Europe (a sponsor) has withdrawn, and Venus Williams own comments (according to ESPN, she is taking no specific action largely because Sharar herself has said that the tournament must go on)  and you have a clear case of one or two of the many 'isims' so prevalent in today's world.  But why is this not headline news? 

Why is it only seen if you are specifically looking for it, or a two or three minute by line on a sports show?  Ask yourself this:  What would be the response if Venus or Serena were denied visa's?  Another question I have is why was Andy Ram admitted, and not Sharar Peer?

The second issue I have is the whole A-Rod thing.  You cannot turn on ESPN or read a newspaper without tripping over it.  It seems the latest is we now know who his 'cousin' is.  My question is "SO WHAT?"  Six to nine years ago it seems that A-Rod took steroids.  According to recent test, he has been clean (allegedly). 

It seems to me that they are going after the wrong people here, and questions come to my mind that, if baseball is to maintain any semblance of credibility, must be answered.  And whether or not A-Rod took steroids is definitely not among them.  Here are the questions I have:

1.  The test he took was supposedly anonymous.  Who outed him, and why?  The reason I ask is that it seems to me, that the greater long term damage here is that players can never trust management again.  This has 'disaster' written all over it for future reference.  Also, isn't the person who outed him liable for some sort of criminal action?  Bob Costas alluded to this little gem on Mike and Mike yesterday morning.  Just who is the real criminal here?

2.  Just what does Selena Roberts know?  It seems that nothing else will be forthcoming from her until her book comes out in April.  If she is holding on to some information about criminal activity, does that not make her an accessory? Does she not have a moral responsibility to come forward?  Look.  Any journalist worth the paycheck would have run with this story.  That's not the problem.  But, if she is aware of other illegal activities, then it becomes a different matter.

3.  Why weren't these test results destroyed, as promised?  Again, it goes back to my first question about who.

4.  Where the hell is the Players Union?  These guys are supposed to be sticking up for the players, yet, we have heard nothing from them.  How can a player ever again trust a supposed 'union' that leaves them under the bus like this?

Look.  Steroid use is bad.  Baseball's cover up is just as bad, if not worse.  I'm sure everybody has an idea of where the solution lies, and I'm no exception.  But that's for another post.  What I do believe however is that going after A-Rod is not the solution here.  That's just another smokescreen.  Face it.  In this case, A-Rod is the detour, not the main highway.