The Nickel Vol 6.

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 19, 2009

Welcome one and all to another edition of The Nickel. If you haven't read any of the series, or grasp the concept yet, I'll briefly explain. I'll take five topics/situations/ occurrences..etc, and give my outlook on them. From time to time I will do four, the fifth will be who I think is a superstar of the week, show, PPV, etc. With that said, shall we get started?

RAW's Twilight Zone Pt.1

Is it me, or is RAW in the twilight zone. It's stuck in a limbo, a time warp. Keen observers should know what I'm referring to. CM Punk vs William Regal. They fought three times in a row for the IC championship, and fought the last three weeks back to back. That sums up to six weeks, a month and a half of CM Punk vs Regal. The break came when CM punk fought against Chris Jericho in a qualification match for the elimination chamber match that had passed at No Way Out. I believe that Regal had used his rematch clause, so it might have been seven matches between the two.

RAW's Twilight Zone Pt. 2

Regal and CM Punk aren't the only two wrestlers we've seen in constant action. Priceless, Legacy, Rhodes and DiBiease..whatever you want to call them, have had almost a month of straight, constant back-to-back action against Cryme Tyme. Shad and JTG have been losing for quite sometime. The last win I can recollect would be the non-title match they had against Miz and Morrison on MLK day. We've seen two straight weeks of tag action...maybe three, between them. They were in a six man tag action with CM Punk to face......Priceless and Regal! What a surprise! (Note the sarcasm). With that matched added, that'll make the CM Punk/Regal match counter to eight and Priceless/Cryme Tyme to about four.

Tag Titles...Undefended

In a previous Nickle, I have addressed this situation and it still isn't improved. Miz and Morrison haven't defended their titles in a while. This brings me to a question.."Why does ECW superstars have RAW's tag titles?!" If we have to see Cryme Tyme and and Priceless battle for weeks, at least put something on the line. At least Regal and Punk's feud had the IC belt at the center of it. Regal also fought CM Punk in the KOTR I believe. What's going on here? Better yet where is Miz and Morrison? They have the RAW tag titles, have singles competition on ECW, and wrestles Smackdown's tag champs. "WHAT?!"

No Way Out thoughts

Where do I start? How about Triple H's 13th world title reign? (Ohh great) Or Edge's "surprise" chamber victory? I think we all know how Edge isn't surprising anymore. History is our best friend folks. He's pulled a chamber/championship stunt twice already. The only difference is that this time he didn't cash in the Money in The Bank contract. Triple H can't seem to keep his nose away from a WWE world championship. Kofi Kingston didn't get to compete in his first PPV main event. There was really trouble in paradise. Next time Kofi.

RAW Superstar Of The Week

Not many choices here. Cena's lost automatically get him excluded from the conversation. Chris Jericho had a superb showing in No Way Out's Elimination Chamber. I would love to choose him as the RAW superstar of the week, but he fell a little short. He connected with Code breakers on Cena, Knox, and Kane. Those finishers led to all three of their eliminations. Unfortunately, Jericho lost. Edge had "surprised" us again. A loss is a loss, so what's better? A win of course. Randy Orton was the only RAW superstar (I believe) to walk out No Way Out as a winner. He also defeated Shane McMahon on RAW, and gave him a punt for his troubles. Stephanie finally got what she had coming when Orton had RKO'ed her. Orton has been on a thunderous roll and is storming ahead of the pack, so he's is the RAW star of the least in my book. Let's see what Triple H has to say about that.