WWE the Future: The Ministry of Darkness

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

In recent years we have seen the older generation of wrestler pass the torch down in many different ways. It could be from an upset in a big match to a stable being formed to push the younger wrestlers.

We saw it with DX when Billy Gunn, The Road Dog Jesse James, and X Pac joined, I'm not saying they weren't established wrestlers but it sure as hell got them more face time.

The Ministry of Darkness did this with Edge and Christian.

Evolution hit the nail on the head with Randy Orton and Batista what amazing superstars they have become and from that we now have Randy Orton with Legacy giving Rhodes and Dibiase a chance at the big time (but it helps if your dad is a Hall of famer).

As the Undertaker's career winds down slowly I still think Vince McMahon could hit the jackpot again. Making the Undertaker into a heel Vince could get some up and coming stars to really shine under the leadership of the deadman.

This is who I could see being in the Ministry of Darkness:

The Undertaker

The legend himself would lead the young pack of wrestlers. With him wanting a lighter load he could get all his running around done by the new blood. The Undertaker is a true ring general and anyone in WWE could still learn a lot from him.

The Great Khali

I know what you're thinking—he's not young or any good? Well even the Undertaker needs a body guard, right? Khali could actually be a great wrestler he just need to learn a few good moves and with him standing behind the deadman not many will dare challenge their might.

Evan Bourne

The high flying Bourne was on his way to the top before he got injured. Joining the Ministry would give him a great chance to work with experience and get his name out there.

John Morrison

He is a future WWE champion in the making. His look, style, and talent are great merchandising tools for the WWE. John could be the one who gets the greatest push out of this.

Ryan Braddock

You probably haven't seen much of him but from what I've seen I was impressed. He's young strong and I truly do think he will be a force to be reckoned with when his time finally comes.


Two words come to mind when I think about Kizarny: "very strange." That's what makes him good though. His unorthodox moves and his strange dress sense make him a perfect candidate for Ministry.

Ezekiel Jackson

Last but not least is the powerhouse of the group. The times I have seen him wrestle he has been impressive (reminds me alot of Ahmed Johnson). He truly is a power player and I think they're wasting his talent especially with being Kendrick's sidekick.

Keep in mind I tried not to steal any wrestler from Raw.

The Ministry was a great faction and and I truly believe if it was reformed it would do wonders for whomever's careers it involved.

I believe the time is now to elevate the new blood.

With the great stars like the deadman, HBK, and Triple H coming to the later stages of their careers, WWE doesn't seem to be pushing enough new talent.

Maybe it's time WWE finally takes a lesson from TNA.

Seeing the young talent thats scattered around the WWE it really has been surprising that we don't have better tag teams or good young contenders for the belts. 

Hopefully after the draft we will get a good switch around

They lingering question is, who do you think is good enough to be in the Ministry of Darkness?