What's Hurting Boxing?

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

I was once asked why I love the sport of boxing. I love boxing because inside the ring, you don't have anyone but yourself to rely on, because it is a sport where in your main goal is to inflict the most damage on your opponent and it's fun to watch boxing.

But nowadays, the sweet science has lost some of it's luster. The excitement of a championship level match is not as intense as it used to be. Before, every TV is tuned in on a boxing match.

What happened to our beloved sport?

It's not MMA. It has nothing to do with the disappearing appeal of boxing. MMA is an entirely different sport with a different fan base. The only thing they have in common is that they are both contact sports.

I believe that the following is what's causing boxing to lose its popularity:


Three letters:  PPV

With the economy on a downfall due to the recession, I find it hard to believe that boxing promoters and TV stations are terrorizing us with ridiculous PPV prices. An example is Roy Jones Jr. vs Joe Calzaghe. $49.95?


Boxing Promoters

Boxing promoters are not allowing the best fights to happen. Just like the case of Gary Shaw, he doesn't want Vic Darchinyan to rematch Nonito Donaire because of some promotional dispute.


The Alphabets

With so many corrupt governing bodies in boxing, we can't have one unified and recognized champion. They won't allow their champions to face each other. As well as their sanction fees, some fighters just opt to let go of their title rather than pay it.



Let's face it. Most of today's fighters are pure hype and no talent. Enough said.



In some cases, it's not the promoters' fault that a proposed fight did not materialize. Some fighters feel that they are worth more than what was being offered, but I guess we can't blame them for that. Boxing is a dangerous sport and they just want to get paid before their body deteriorates from the wear and tear of the sport.


I am still hopeful that boxing will regain it's popularity. I can still name a few fighters that I know will help the sport of boxing and bring it to a higher level with their intensity and dedication. People will once again see a unified champion in every weight class.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this year will be redemption for boxing.