UFC 149: Hector Lombard on Ariel Helwani, "He's a Hypocrite"

Kyle SymesCorrespondent IIIJuly 21, 2012


Don't expect to see any post-fight interviews between UFC 149's Hector Lombard and Ariel Helwani. Lombard already had harsh words for Munoz but chose to attack Helwani as well in an interview earlier this week.

Lombard spoke to Alex Donno about not only Helwani but also about his UFC 149 opponent Tim Boetsch and Munoz as well. Lombard called Munoz a "douchebag" for his comments about Lombard fighting recycled cans while competing in Bellator.

Although it's clear that Lombard and Munoz won't be having Sunday afternoon tea dates any time soon, it is perhaps Lombard's attack on Helwani that raises the most questions between MMA fans and media alike.

Helwani is widely regarded as the go-to guy in the MMA world as far as MMA news is concerned. This of course brings with it the negative of becoming a polarizing figure among MMA media members and an annoyance to certain fighters along with MMA fans.

Lombard, it appears, is one of the group of fighters who doesn't believe in Helwani's professional skills. In the interview with Donno, Lombard suggested that Helwani attempts to stir up trouble.

The American Top Team fighter even goes as far as saying Helwani doesn't care about the fighters he talks to.

"He's a hypocrite. He doesn't care about the fighters, he only cares about himself," Lombard said.

It's not Lombard's first run in with MMA media and likely won't be his last if he doesn't plan on getting along with Helwani. Does the UFC really want to deal with another media circus from an aging fighter?

If Lombard can put on the good performances and be a popular draw like he did while reigning over Bellator, I'm sure the UFC is willing to work around the Lombard-Helwani interviews.