U.S. Women's Olympic Basketball: Diana Taurasi Says 'What About Us?'

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 21, 2012

Diana Taurasi's U.S. women's Olympic basketball team has been nearly as dominant as the men's team in exhibition play so far, and yet, when was the last time you asked your friends how the women's team was doing?

While the men's team grabs the spotlight, the women's team has won every game by at least 25 points, and has an average margin of victory of 31.7 points per game.

The women didn't receive a scare from Brazil like the men did. The women have won four straight gold medals, while the men have only won three in that time.

But the ladies have received little to no press depending on where you are.

Taurasi is tired of it. In an interview with ESPN she said that the team is looking to earn respect, and jokingly said that she should make Road to Respect shirts.

I think it's funny. We're a team that's won four gold medals in a row and yet we're still fighting for respect in our own country. I think it's a little sad. That's a heck of a motivator for all of us in the gym. Our level is so high, it becomes normal and even to the public it's they should win the gold medal. If they don't it's a terrible year.

Taurasi certainly isn't wrong.

The women's team has reached an unprecedented level of success in a traditional sport, looking for their fifth Olympic gold in a row. Since 1996 the team has never lost an Olympic or exhibition game. In fact, the team has lost only once in the last 16 years, coming against Russia (per ESPN).

The team has been incredibly successful, but they aren't getting much press.

Coach Geno Auriemma is used to being in the spotlight after his incredible success with the UConn Huskies women's team. From a fan's perspective, I'd even say the college game gets more press than the WNBA or U.S. Olympic team.

Sadly, most sports fans wouldn't even be able to name more than two or three players on the women's team that seeks its fifth straight Olympic gold.

The women's team deserves better, and it's high time that get the respect they've earned. Hopefully they will once they win their fifth gold.


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