NBA Podcast: Free Agency Buzz, USA Men's Basketball, Stars' Weird Medical Fixes

Joel C. CordesNBA Associate EditorJuly 21, 2012

Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard will forever change the way we think about NBA free agency.
Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard will forever change the way we think about NBA free agency.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Most NBA teams are filling in their final roster spots. The unlucky ones are scrambling for the leftovers, trying to fix starting lineups that are still a mess. 

And still the Dwight Howard saga goes on, now with an announcement that this will likely bleed into next year and that Andrew Bynum will be pursuing a similar ploy.

On this episode of "Basketball by Association," NBA featured columnist Joel C. Cordes and NBA assistant editor Ethan Norof analyze Howard's psychological state, his business sense and why this will be the new norm in pro basketball

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Due to the wrinkles in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it's likely that all major NBA stars will forgo extensions and test free agency instead.

If a proposed three-team trade with the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers actually goes through, how would Bynum fit with the Cavs? Why do the Lakers still want Howard so badly if there are no guarantees with his back, contract and baggage?

We also discuss the latest moves, including the Boston Celtics' heisting of Courtney Lee, yet another crazy offseason experiment by the Phoenix Suns, and where the last big names like Carl Landry and Andrei Kirilenko could wind up.

What's all this news about Kobe Bryant and an ever-increasing number of players heading to Germany for blood platelet therapy? We'll explain the treatment, the concerns and why the league might want to monitor this process more closely.

Finally, are the Miami Heat and the USA men's basketball team ushering in a new era where positions won't matter in pro hoops?


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