Julius Peppers to Chiefs Not Looking Likely

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

Juluis Peppers coming to the Chiefs is not looking like a likely scenario.

Since the Chiefs are so far under the salary cap many people (including myself) think the Chiefs should be active in the Free Agent market. Also, when you set any records for the fewest amount of sacks in season most people would look at a pass rusher as an area of need therefore Julius Peppers would be an ideal fit, right? Well, that’s if we are on his list…

Julius Peppers

AP source: Peppers’ trade list has only 4 teams - NFL - Yahoo! Sports.

Julius Peppers still wants out of Carolina, but he’ll only agree to be traded to four teams, further complicating the Panthers’ efforts to get compensation for the four-time Pro Bowl defensive end.

On the eve of the deadline to place the franchise tag on Peppers, a person close to the player said Wednesday that the impending free agent wants to play for Dallas or three other unnamed teams, two of them in the NFC.

Scott Pioli doesn’t really seem to go after big name free agents so this may not really matter to him, but to the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs this could be a blow.

Since it it unlikely that the Chiefs are the AFC team that he is interested in should they bother going after Peppers now (if they even were to start with)?

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Julius Peppers to Chiefs Not Looking Likely