Knicks Acquire Larry Hughes, Chris Wilcox in Separate Deals

David CohenSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009

The New York Knicks have bolstered their rotation today.

They have traded F Tim Thomas, C Jerome James, and G Anthony Roberson to the Bulls for G/F Larry Hughes.

The move doesn't save the Knicks a lot, but with their luxury tax problems every dollar saved is doubled.

For Chicago, it gets rid of someone who wasn't a happy camper in the locker room. After getting John Salmons yesterday from Sacramento, this trade frees up playing time for him.

The Knicks accomplish a couple of things in this trade. First off, they made use of Jerome James, which was thought to be impossible. Secondly, the Knicks may have picked up a steal in Hughes.

The best years in Hughes's career were unquestionably when he was running all over the place in Washington. He's been trapped in offenses which haven't suited his style of play ever since taking the money and leaving for Cleveland. With the Knicks, he could start averaging 18 a night for the first time since his days with the Wizards.

The Knicks have also traded the expiring contract of Malik Rose to the Oklahoma City Thunder for PF/C Chris Wilcox.

The Knicks pick up an athletic player who can legitimately play center so that Jared Jeffries doesn't have to try and become the next Boris Diaw in Coach Mike D'Antoni's system. Wilcox also provides some added rebounding help to go alongside David Lee.

For Malik Rose, it doesn't mean playing time, but he is an aspiring coach. The Thunder might be the place for that to start as he can start teaching the young players on their roster.

The Knicks may have needed help from Tyson Chandler's big toe and the Bulls trade with the Kings to make this happen. In any case, the Knicks add two productive players to their rotation for next to nothing.

The Knicks actually have some depth now.