You Call the Shots for the Minnesota VIkings

Michael ZappContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

You get to be the GM for a moment.  Your task... determine what needs to be fixed with the Minnesota Vikings.

No easy task for even the most prepared executive.  Your team finished atop the NFC North Division.  Has one of the best run defenses in the game.  Has the best running back in the game that is only in his second year in the league. 

You play in a division where you get to play the Lions twice a year.  How do you improve to become one of the great teams in the NFL?



Everyone in the league knows you need help at the QB position.

Special teams philosophy failed miserably last year.

Key veterans are facing free agency.

Low first round pick in the draft.

Offensive line beginning to crumble (Birk, Cook, aging, etc.).



Veteran QBs on the market seem to be aging faster than they can throw.

Trade possibilities dwindling because of the knowledge of your needs at key positions.

Players projected to be available in the draft when you choose may not be immediate impact players.


Here are a few thoughts.  Use what you have already in place.  Your defense is stout against the run and allows you to focus on on the pass.  Let you defense control the games. 

You need a serviceable QB.  You don't have to reach for a flash in the pan QB.  Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl ring because the defense limited the opposition to what they could do. 

Keyshaun Johnson won a ring because of the defense that saved his offense.  It would be great to get a franchise QB that can make a difference on any snap.  But the days of Elway, Marino, Montana, Favre are gone, and there are few QB's left in the league with that type of talent.  An upgrade is definitely needed. 

Also, try to recognize what you have to work with.  Your QB situation is not enjoyable to watch right now.

Gus Frerotte is getting older but knows the ins and outs of defenses and allows you to open up the playbook.  Tarvaris Jackson has all the tools but is missing the understanding of the game and the system. 

John David Booty may be a project but can't be a downgrade too much, if at all.  Trade options are limited but functional, at the right price of picks and compensation.

The defense has solid players and when healthy make few mistakes.  The line has been great last year by getting more pressure on the QB.  That makes all the difference for the rest of the defense. 

You are able to return almost your entire coaching staff and schemes.  Continuity helps considerably.

Other side of the coin for a minute.  Was it the players or the play calling last year?  It seemed like the other teams knew what plays you were going to run at the end of the season and playoffs. 

Playmakers can help to mask limited play calling.  AP is an absolute stud!  Berrian helps to keep defenses honest and at least respect the threat.  Gus was willing to throw it, Jackson is not.

Tough call for any GM.  The options are there if they can fit in the philosophy.  The vikes have made themselves a far cry from the "love boat" scandal from years past.

I commend the Wilff's for helping to change the mantra of the team.  Now the team needs to define itself as a team and not the organization that had the scandal. 

The ball is in your court and you can pull the trigger on moves to make the team better.  What do you do?  What do you do...

I want your opinions on this topic...