Nate Marquardt and Top Six Fighters Who Can Cross Weight Class and Win a Title

Ron Jayson TimbangContributor IIIJuly 20, 2012

Nate Marquardt and Top Six Fighters Who Can Cross Weight Class and Win a Title

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    Last week we witnessed the career resurgence of UFC and Pancrase veteran Nate Marquardt when he managed to win the Strikeforce Welterweight title against the very tough Tyron Woodley. By doing so, "The Great" was able to silence all doubters and prove that he has made the right decision of moving down one weight class from his original division. 

    Crossing from one weight class to another is not a rare occurrence in MMA nowadays. Although difficult weight cut is an ideal reason, there are those who, like Marquardt, consider dropping or climbing a weight class for a golden opportunity of winning a world title.

    This article lists the top six fighters who are likely to move up or down in weight class and have a good chance of winning the belt at another division.  

Frankie Edgar

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    Throughout his stay at 155 lbs., "The Answer" has shown great speed and footwork. Although often disadvantaged in terms of weight during his fights, Edgar has been able to utilize his strengths to notch a victory. Many believe that if he can bring the same skill set down at 145, he can steal the belt from reigning champ, Jose Aldo. 

Benson Henderson

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    During his championship fight against Edgar, Henderson did not only prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division, but also how powerful he is in terms of his striking and wrestling. If he can dominate his current division, he should consider moving up in weight class and even holding two belts simultaneously. 

Anderson Silva

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    When "The Spider" went in the light heavyweight division during the time he got bored from lack of challenges from his own weight class, he brought with him the same ferocity which has made him the longest reigning champion in UFC history. By fighting Jones, Silva can not only prove he is the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all-time, but also the best fighter in the history of combat sports. 

Rashad Evans

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    Evans' wrestling brought a lot of trouble to several strong light heavyweights he faced. If he can implement his wrestling game at one division lower, he can be unbeatable (with Silva aside, of course). 

Jon Jones

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    The light heavyweight's reach and build have always been what many pundits consider as the factors that can make him successful even in the heavyweight division. But Jones proved that he is not only blessed physically, but also has incredible fighting skills, when he demolished four former UFC champions in a span of only two years. 

Roy Nelson???

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    Seriously, if "Big Country" can maintain his power and durability after shedding 50 lbs., then sky is the limit for him in the light heavyweight division, although the feat of defeating Jones is still close to impossible.